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Anyone here still play GRAW 2?

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Yes, occasionally and happy to hook up for some co-op with you.

We might be able to persuade Dai-San to join in, although our recent GRAW2 competition exploits may have put him off for good. Athlon also plays still, if he can get him away from that damn buggy!

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Well for the last year or so Dogface and I have been doing friday night graw night, all is welcome to join in. We useally start about 8:30 or 9 pm est. And tonights friday. If you want to play load up the game and go to www.gr.net and download a ton of maps, put them in the games custom levels folder, and you are good to go.

If it copys right, here is the map download page


Some maps may have a problem so load them up a few at a time and test them to make sure they work. Or you can download the ones we will be playing one at a time to make sure there ok. the AI in this game will hand your butt to you, so be ready to fight! Many new maps have come out sence everyone played it.


WOW that place is still active nice :)

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