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  1. ya for sure with the next 30 days off from work im going to go crazy i got back into eve online just might do the 30days idk yet..Arma 3 is always fun new mods to tinker with.
  2. Hello i hope everyone is doing well with all thats going on in the world. ,And good to here from everyone I'm happy to see the group is still going strong..And i hope to join you all again sometime in the next few weeks. oH yeah TS i need to download...... Arma 3 has changed nones gave it a chance, the mod community is so big with customs for map makers one guy made it so easy todo
  3. I have been out of the loop for sometime RL has taken over and things are starting to slow down, I can finally have me time :). I have currently re connected to EVE Online so much has change. is the group still active and what is currently being played?
  4. Here you go Boss!! http://www.apc.com/shop/us/en/categories/power/ups/computer-and-peripheral/back-ups/_/N-1nzwthz?adpos=1t1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl4nkyoqK1gIVh2V-Ch1WKwm-EAAYASAAEgLxd_D_BwE
  5. nice..i wish i had the time to check out this game been spending some time in arma 3 well not lately i have bean busy...
  6. ya i had this scam happen to me i blocked the call and they use another number or a private number id like to personally find these people and kick there asses another scam is they are asking you if you have a hearing problem when you reply to them the person ask are you sure and i tell him my hearing is fine then they hang up and call back under a private number after being blocked.
  7. Has the life of Arma been sucked out you, you want to try something new in arma 3 i know the place if your Interested in a challenge hit me up Gunthar you know what im talking about.
  8. Nice Athlon64 good to see you back at doing what you love to do.
  9. good thing i have been tooling around with arma 3 now that i have the game
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