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  2. For anyone that may be interested the following links may be useful Red Hammer Studios https://docs.rhsmods.org/rhs-status-quo-user-documentation/arma-reforger/rhs-status-quo/server-setup Bohemia's Server config info https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Server_Config#scenarioId
  3. Some say Reforger is just a test bed for the engine that ArmA 4 may be using @Luggage for a co op senario on a small map with GPS and the other kit I would like to test with just one mod, yes Luggs already has a server script running 👍 Senario ID for config {D10B11A71A36FCF5}Missions/RHS_CombatOps_USMC_vs_MSV.conf MOD ID for config "mods": [ { "modId": "595F2BF2F44836FB", "name": "RHS: Status Quo" } ]
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  5. Holy cow! And i hear they are working on ArmA 4!
  6. One day, just one bloody day and I am already in the editor (Sorry - Gamemaster)
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  8. Replied in that thread Halli 👍
  9. FYI, there are also discussions on the RSI website about group play information. 3.23 and 2024 - General - LEGION OF SPARTA - Spectrum v6.20.2 (robertsspaceindustries.com)
  10. I think I should be good thanks 👍
  11. Oh great! Will you be able to resize or do I need to? Just checked it looks great!
  12. Halli I have permissions to change all of the things that can be changed, Steel set that up for me I have changed the logo, but I need to work on the banner 1140x380 and background 1366x768.
  13. I do not have access to the account. We will need a "Founder" to set the Moniker up. Can we get a Founder to set it up??? Zeno, Luggage or Steel ???????
  14. I knew I had forgotten to do something I will get to it
  15. oohh nice. I'm looking forward to the Org feature's being implemented.
  16. Can we update the group Avatar to maybe something like this: It appears only Zeno, Luggs and Steel can make changes to the group info. Thanks.
  17. The Sparta Training Server Here you can practice your Air to Ground, Air to Air and Aerial refuelling activities. All Aircraft have unlimited Ammunition and fuel with the exception of the aircraft practicing air to air refuelling which have 30% internal fuel and no weapons. Ground Attack (GA) aircraft have Armour and SAM sites they can spawn and despawn. Buildings at waypoints 2,3,4 and 5, cannot be respawned at this time but there is an option to reload the mission from the F10 radio menu. A JTAC can be activated from the F10 radio menu to designate the armour, it can also be deactivated. BVR and ACM can be practiced by selecting the BVR aircraft and entering the BVR/ACM Red Circle north west of Cypress. When any Bluefor Plane enters the circle Redfor planes will randomly enter the circle from the North West. There are 10 different Redfor Aircraft types that will Spawn. They will come in pairs and apart from the transports are armed with long and short range missiles. Bluefor planes are also equipped Aim 9s, Aim 120s and in the case of the F14 Aim 54 missiles. There is also an AWACS Finally, you can practice take off and landing on an Aircraft Carrier (Stennis and Tarawa) in F14s, F18s and Harriers. Stennis ICLS 1 Tacan 15x Tarawa ICLS 2 Tacan 16x
  18. Graves end very apt Nice job Zeno!
  19. Happy Birthday Punisher have a great day!
  20. As you may know I have been messing about with a very simplified version of foothold. I have done this to reinforce my understanding of the games capabilities without using too much scripting. There are no economy or supplies requirements. We will start in Normandy (near the site of the D day landings) at St Pierre du Mont. We will have access to all western flyable aircraft of the era. Our first objective will be Carpiquet. Once the 2 Axis buildings and all the ground forces have been destroyed the zone will become allied and we will have access to planes there. Defence forces will also spawn. The same will be true for Evreux. From Evreux we will attack Orly, thus liberating Paris Tourism For those of you wanting to tool around in the planes getting used to them I have set up a base at Gravesend with the prefix [UK]. Every plane from that era is available here (allied and Axis. Upon take off the Thames will be in front of you, turn left and follow the river to get to London. Fog of war is on. St Pierre has radar as do the axis forces in each target area. Available on F10 Radio menu A recon TF51 can be repeatedly called for each target area. I advise against recon until you are ready to attack that area, as any incursion will trigger a response. A quick reaction flight is on station and available for the defence of St Pierre only but can be called upon repeatedly. These are slow aircraft so distance is more of a factor. Carpiquet is 23nm from St Pierre Evreux is 65nm from Carpiquet Orly is 49nm from Evreux This is a work in progress and hopefully a stepping stone for me to get into the zone commander script used in Foothold and Pretense.
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