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  3. Well that didn't last long. On next login the play button was missing, I tried ctrl, alt, shift r, but that did not work. I deleted the user file but the the game would not launch. I am currently verifying the integrity, hopefully that will work, If not I will wait for next patch. PS its redownloading 14gb so I will look at this again tomorrow.
  4. I have updated the game and flew out to Baijini Point. I started with 200,000 UEC and of course my Aurora and Pisces. Mysteriously I also have a Drake Corsair which I flew to Baijini. I bought some Armour and a weapon at Area 18 but forgot to bring it, so I need to go back.
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  6. I update every now and then but that is about all I have done with the game. Hope it does advance.
  7. Cent~SPARTA~


    One step closer to the big day. It was always only a stop gap, but it's sad to see Port Olisar finally leaving the verse. With the removal of PO the Stanton system is now almost feature complete. The only remaining item on the list are the Jump points to Pyro, Terra and Magnus. (only 99 more star systems to go :)) 4.0 "apparently" brings the Pyro JP online. 4.0 is expected to enter test in December. 4.0 also brings static server meshing. Who knows, this time next year they might even start delivering on the promise. that would be nice!
  8. Happy belated Luggs, would have sung for you if I knew....
  9. It has been a long journey and I know not many people see our forums, but we still are here and still will be tomorrow. Happy Birthday SPARTA. I am glad we are still a group and hope to see you all in the future!!!!!
  10. I have not really flown it enough to really say, plus I have only flown one mission type. I would say that the F16 and F/A18 are comparable to the F15E. On reflection the F15E in multi role missions is probably the best because of the engines and pylons. The DCS version of the F18 is not the super Hornet so its engines are bit weedy when the plane is heavily laden for ground attack. I find the F16 is better with a similar load. The F15E has roughly double the F16 power (similar or same engines). The weakness of the F16 is fuel, it doesnt have a lot of internal fuel, the F18 is a bit more economical, but the F15E is the best. It has conformal tanks on its sides as well as 2 dedicated fuel tank pylons So it can carry 13 Mk82 500lb bombs, 4 air to air missiles and 2 external tanks. The F16 can carry 12 Mk82 bombs, 2 air to air and no external fuel. I think the F18 can carry 10 Mk82s and 4 air to air and no external fuel. The Harrier gets an honourable mention, its a fast subsonic jet with a comparable bomb load.
  11. Whats it like compared to the other similar era fighters you have?
  12. I bought the F15 on release (Steam) and learnt how to do basic stuff. I have finally made some progress and can start it, navigate it and drop bombs. I still have a long way to go but its progress!
  13. happy belated, just came back from holiday
  14. Happy birthday hope ya had a great day!
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