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  2. Can I have a show of hands for Friday to try and get ourselves together for some DCS missioning? (appreciating that this a little UK focused initially) Zeno has been making a number of changes to the missions and we are at a place where we need 4+ planes to achieve the takeover of the map. Show of hands please
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  4. Are you looking through ship lists like on Tinder and swiping left?
  5. Also, I just saw AppleTV are producing a huge budget production of the Asimov series Foundation, there's a trailer out already - looks pretty good.
  6. Cant be sure but I think the Valc is a loaner for one of his other ships? In other news - I was on Levski last night and the ship store there has the CAT for sale! 4.1mill aUEC! At the current rate on the Ariel trade run - you would Gross 1.7mill aUEC for a full laranite haul with a Net of 408,000aUEC per run. Needles to say I am currently saving my cash!
  7. Insurance for ship upgrades and ships purchased ingame hve been given a thorough test and Cent can confirm they are both covered by insurance Luggage's Valkyrie is this a loaner or a ship you have purchased? The question is because upgrading the weapons, engines, shields and coolers costs 500k +, it would be a great ship to do fighting missions with for practicing multi crewing.
  8. I am working on a new training map that incorporates missions that can be spawned by radio command (no trigger zones). I have failed to make the latter work properly so far, but J is exploring the concept for us. Here we start on carriers, I have made the russians our allies but the USSR are the enemy, this way we can have a Kuznetzov Carrier and SU33s. Initially we have F18s, Harriers, F14s and Su33s. Our objective is Fujairah Intl Airport. It is defended by an SA10 (Grumble) site and 4 Tunguskas Ideally 2 F18s equipped with HARMs will Kill the SA10 site and 1 or 2 harriers will kill the Tunguskas. On mission start 3 CH47s depart from a Tarawa heading for Fujairah Intl Airport, if they land there a FARP and more F18s and Harriers will become available at that base which will become an allied base where we can refuel and rearm. At the same time a multitude of other aircraft will become available at Al Ain Intl Airport. There is a soviet carrier group in the West but for now they do nothing, although you can spawn in an opfor SU33. The soviet carrier group does not have the Pyotr Velkily Battle Cruiser, but does have a Moskva, I do not know how approachable the group is, but we will find out. There are a couple of fixed bombing missions already and will add more over time, If J finds the solution we will have repeatable missions without trigger zones. Enjoy
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  10. Many Happy returns Watchman - Have a great day!
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  12. Video Calculator https://www.erkul.games/calculator Item Finder Tool https://deepspacecrew.com/2-main-content/71-finder Component upgrades are currently covered by ship insurance
  13. Hoist the collours, bring champaign, we are on the list
  14. Excellent, we will have a practice next time you are on
  15. I better get back to work on the Persian Gulf map. I am tempted by the A10C but have read that its a complicated plane to master!
  16. Project Cars 2 is on the Steam summer sale. $8.99 for the base game, $13.49 for the deluxe edition. Most of the DLC's are $4.99. I picked up the deluxe edition, time to see what you guys have been doing on Sunday nights.
  17. Picked up the Persian Gulf and A-10C.
  18. Damn straight!!! Cost a bloody fortune it did!
  19. I did chuckle that he made sure to mention it was a single seat. No way he's letting any of us operate that.
  20. Cent has become very risk averse in his new ship refusing to to mine unstable explosive rocks, go figure
  21. Here are a couple of good videos on SAM evasion.
  22. Finally, I have purchased my first "in Game" ship - funded by a 5 day Trading fest. MISC Prospector. Single seat mining ship.
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