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  2. There will be an open Beta for GhostRecon Breakpoint from Oct 24 thru the 29th. You can get it on Uplay (Pc), Xbox and PS4.
  3. You guys really have been busy! Ill have to get the game updated and have a nose around
  4. There is a channel on youtube that reviews films for historical accuracy as well as adding background to historical events. There is a review of A Bridge too far, the film about operation Market Garden. What I especially like is that even though the reviewer is British, he doesn't pull any punches with regard to our mistakes.A Bridge Too Far is a great film,
  5. Its a pretty game. Just remember the station slot is far bigger than your starter ship!!!
  6. Steam has Elite Dangerous on sale until Monday (9/23). The core game and the Horizons Season Pass are each $8.99, so I went ahead and picked them up.
  7. Very nice. I've been in airborne units for most of my Army career, its always great to bring the older generations back to share stories and compare equipment. Always amazes me how incredibly unsafe their equipment was compared to the advances we've made in such a relative short amount of time.
  8. Very Cool. I like the "W0t! no Engines?" pic!
  9. and some bagpipes for those who like it
  10. somehow uploading pics wont work well, so here is attempt 2
  11. I've been to Hartenstein today, to visit the museum, see the Horsa Glider. I have spoken with many Paratroopers from different countries: Poland, America, British, German, even some from Indonesia and Thailand were present.
  12. Happy belated guys! PS Luggs, im going to the airborne museum in Oosterbeek tomorrow, its 75 years ago….
  13. Last week I chatted about the challenges facing north sea oil platform decommissioning. I never imagined how they would actually go about it. In fact the method is amazing. Here is a video on how it is done.
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