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  2. Many happy returns, 8 years until the telegrame 👍
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  5. Played 2 hours this afternoon - bug free (actually. like not even kidding!) 6 Bunker missions, one mining run and a Bounty permit completed.
  6. Fun times 🤣 Let's hope they patch it quick
  7. A sample of yesterdays gameplay with Cent and Adder. For your amusement I have highlighted the various buggy bits in red At the moment I cannot access any of my ships. Following my consecutive life sentences for wanton murder of station guards I was eventually released at Everus Harbour. Cent was online at Area 18 and offered to pick me up. On exiting the station his ship blew up. He did some armour and weapon shopping and again started the 22 million km trek to pick me up. On arriving he could not get docking permission. So I went to a Pad and flew to his ship hovering nearby. He shared a bunker mission with me and flew to it. When we got there he found that he could not exit the seat. So I completed the mission alone. Then Adders time in prison ended and he also needed to be picked up at Everus. However he fell out of the station into space. i was trying to find Karna rifle ammo for Cent since he only had 6 rounds, but although there were rifles no-one was carrying ammo, so I had to strip the mags from rifles on the ground, meanwhile Adder is running out of air chilling in space. I get back to the ship and we head back to Everus. Adder the flies to the ship, jumps into a turret and we head off to do a mission. In the meantime Cent has researched how to exit the pilots seat using a variety of button pushes. We head off to another bunker mission. When we get there Cent uses the special button combo to exit the seat and Adder discovers he cannot leave the turret, and the special button combo does not work for him. Cent jumps into the other turret to help explain the exit procedure only to find it does not work and he is also stuck in a turret. I again complete the mission alone and fly the ship back to Baijini Point, but cannot get docking permission. Adder tries logging out and in again but finds himself in Everus Harbour again and calls it a night. His gameplay consisting of falling out of a station into space and being glued to his seat. Cent tries the same and teleports down to Area18, so I fly down to pick him up but cannot get docking permission so he grabs another ship and we both fly to Baijini Point where Cent EVAs over to the ship I was piloting. I use the button combo to exit the seat and relinquish command to Cent. But he also cannot get docking permission. I decide to EVA to a Pad or open hangar and Cent finally gets permission to land and our adventure ended.
  8. There is a slim possiblity I may have caused this
  9. I made some bad choices!
  10. After many attempts luggage and finally got in Weirdly the wipe has left us with 200k each AUEC We both started in Area 18
  11. Definitely. Thanks guys. 👍
  12. Good to hear from you, the latest update looks very interesting it would be great to have you pop in mate Me 6pm to 8pm workdays, weekends better times
  13. We are on TS most nights, we play a variety of games but I'll play a few missions with you if you are on.
  14. Hi Guys. I have had Ground Branch for a while but only played SP missions, do you have any regular times you play on you're server and is it open to non members, just asking for a friend. 😉 Hope your all keeping well.
  15. Looks interesting, I have never really been a fan of the jump drive and like the idea of less than 2 hour journey time even with a speed mod
  16. Thats a lot better than I have ever done, nice
  17. I have been working on a Carrier for Space Engineers, I wanted to have side launched fighters and twin roll on roll off decks This is my current interpretation It carries 2 types of fighters and assault troop carriers I am working on the interior and detailing.
  18. This collection of mods seem really interesting. This guy has some neat ideas. One of the mods spreads out the resources to give you a reason to visit all the planets. Another allows you to strip individual components from wrecks and yet another allows you to carry them instead of picking them up with a ship. This guy also recommended getting rid of jump drives and basically recreating the system so that the planets are closer and can be flown to in a reasonable amount of time. I don't mind survival mode but do not enjoy the initial build up, but at least the incorporation of these mods would give you a reason to go to other planets.
  19. V1033 is no out was a 15GB download. Most notable is improvments to night time playing and some changes to behavour of the AI in some of the game modes and new weapons. https://www.groundbranch.com/2023/03/build-update-040-ground-branch-v1033-now-officially-released/
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNTbQgIikGU Update to mining changes for 3.18
  21. Cent~SPARTA~


    New RTS game. we made a mess of the enemy convoy!!
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