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  4. Thats only missing some sails and water @Forrester~SPARTA~
  5. Oh dear I missed the happening of the year, sorry Luggs, hope you had a good'n
  6. Sun rise on Ariel Game is soooooo puuuuurty!
  7. So looking forward to when I have a Freelancer Max and a ROC and thou hast a Prospector
  8. Last Leg Buenos Aires to the Falklands. Early Departure from Buenos Aires in the Cessna Citation Longitude Arrival at the bleak Port Stanley, Falklands. I did not have the FAA required fuel reserve for the journey. I had to try different altitudes plus a long slow descent to eke out the fuel. In the image below there is insufficient fuel to keep the engines running so they have shut down. The overall route, I couldn't get all the legs in but it was over 6000 nautical Miles, I actually diverted to SFAL en route as SFTG was the wrong Airport.
  9. https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/nasa-kennedy-space-center
  10. Microtech and it's moons Calliope, Clio and Euterpe are not a place for this mining method as the winds blow the Prospector off target Back to Daymar
  11. Although at times the game is a bug riven mightmare this kind of thing does show the scope of the potential gameplay when working as a group. We have a single seat mining ship working in conjunction with a transport ship and mining vehicle combo being operated by the second person it's very productive for cheap ingame purchasable ships, in the future we are going to need at least another person within a reasonable transport distance for protection because the ability to loot inventories and proper piracy is coming #soon
  12. Mining with Custard in the wastelands.
  13. Heading into Jose Maria Cordova Intl Airport (SKRG) in Colombia. More precisely Medellin, home of a business to which I have no affiliation. Colombia is also home to very tasty coffee and their best export, the magnificent Sofia Vergara. This a long flight from Managua (MNMG) so I am in a Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet, which can crack along a bit faster and higher than the TBM 930. This is the older plane in the game so it has a mixed cockpit, no touch screens, it took me a while to figure out how to tune the radios. OK made it into cartel country, although It was very cloudy and hilly. Good job I got decent vectors from the ATC. Next stop Galeao-Antonio C Jobim Intl (SBGL) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Due to the huge distance 2,500+ NM I will try the 747 for the first time. The 747 has a problem holding a fixed altitude, it oscillates about 600-800 feet, so I switched to the 787. 9 19 20 SKRG SBGL (Colombia to Brazil) 2566 NM Boeing 787 - check SBGL SBCT Still in Brazil 363 NM Cessna Citation Longtitude - check 9 20 20 SBCT SBPA Brazil 288 NM - check SBPA SAEZ Buenos Aires, Argentina 472 NM - check 9 21 20 SAEZ SFAL Stanley, Falkland Islands
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  15. New epic flight - South America. Travels so far Miami to Cancun (Mexico) in a Boeing 787 Cancun to Toncontin (Honduras) IN a TBM 930 Today Toncontin to Managua MNMG (Panama) I will then have to make a choice of either flying to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina or Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, french Guiana, Brazil, Argentina. Final stop The Falkland Islands. After which I will see if I can fly non stop to the UK.
  16. The ROC mining vehicle is available to buy ingame on the current test bed
  17. Good because I have some minor repairs to do from exploding money 🤣 Need to get you that hight temperature environmental suit from Tammany and sons and fill both our personally inventories with water
  18. ROC = Money printer! Custard, cheques in the post mate
  19. Many happy returns mate, hope the cake is a big un
  20. Many happy returns old fruit!
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