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  2. Having really enjoyed Transport Fever 2 I thought I would give Cities Skylines a bash. I am not especially good at this but I watched a few videos and this is what I have so far. The brown polluted areas are industrial. I had to buy a few DLCs to eliminate water pollution and have the types of districts I wanted. Using the standard traffic model there are no jams and everything is smooth flowing, however the standard game despawns 25% of the vehicles which is easier. If I turn this feature off the roads get clogged up in minutes. I have a few bus, metro and train lines to help traffic and I have added a few cycle routes (DLC required) Currently I am working my way through the Death Wave. Apparantly every citizen arrives at the age 0 and all die at the same age. because the buildings are created around the same time, everyone dies around the same time too. Hence the Death Wave. Unrecovered bodies will result in more death and departures.I have built more crematoria and hope to power through Wave.
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  4. After the first failed attempts to log in the patch appears ok, no initial problems with missions etc and no loss of inventory 👍
  5. I love being right it such a rare event 🤣 I will attempt to knock it off with all the negative vibes, fingers crossed this is a good patch
  6. As predicted by Custard 3.17.4 is available now.
  7. Handy quick video for F16 Cold Start, this video will help visualise the controls.
  8. FYI the .4 update is possibly coming around the 18th November
  9. This is my first attempt at an island map. Although I have used shipping for goods using rivers, I have never transported passengers. Some cities on this map are on Islands, so for the first time I have used shipping for passengers. As you can see, I used fast vehicles, the SR N6 and a Catamaran because they are 2 or 3 times faster than normal ships. in my many trips to France from the UK I have used all forms of transport to cross the Channel, including the SR N4 Hovercraft and the Seacat. Now I only use the tunnel. In any case the Hovercraft was retired and I believe the Seacat was sent to Hong Kong to service Macau.
  10. Sent him a friend request so will have to wait till he accepts and is ready to learn the game. He is quick learner so it won't take long for him to pick it up.
  11. Pitdog is starting with the Misc Freelancer.
  12. Now we have upgraded our Quantum drives and can get around quicker the starting location you choose is less important than it was, we will have to get your and Pittdogs ships upgraded what ship does he have? For your Constellation you need an XL-1 drive the easiest place to get it is in the Platinum Bay shop in Port Tressler above Microtech you will need 94,500 credits so I have just sent you 500,000 ingame.
  13. I don't see Pittdog in the Org yet Halli do you need any help? FYI the current patch is as buggy as hell, hopefully the next one will be better
  14. Ok I went to Everest Harbor and set Medical there. Pitdog now has a game starter package.
  15. Where is our main home base again????
  16. Im going to add Pittdog.
  17. My first attempt at a road train. It only has 6 load slots, I have seen a youtuber with 12+. Still early days. The second vehicle is attached to the back of the trailer.
  18. The best truck for beginners, the Azov 64131 "Tortoise". It is very capable and is not locked by rank, however it is very, very slow. Here is the KRS 58 Bandit, living up to its name recovering a small scout car.
  19. You can drive in first or third person view. I switch view constantly. Delivering steel beams in a KR58 Bandit at night There are few roads, mostly trails And then things go wrong, here my engine has not stalled so I can use the winch to pull it upright
  20. You drive these in first person? How long are the trips? Nice pics BTW 👍
  21. Whilst I am playing this in co-op I am in constant fear of rolling the truck and potentially wasting hours of endeavour. I am often reminded of the old french film "Wages of Fear", not because of the fear of death that they suffered through, but the constant tension, as the slightest bit of inattention results in rollovers, some recoverable, some not! Here are a couple of the vehicles I have, a scout and a medium truck.
  22. very nice. I'm glad youre enjoying it. I have spent far to many hours in it now
  23. I started again in the 1950s which meant I could finally use the Lockheed Constellation.
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