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  2. Very enjoyable from my perspective 👍 I was pretty impressed with the flying. My initial maths stank because I missread something on Chucks guide I have rectified this so our time too target/waypoints should be more accurate. To further improve time and bearing accuracy if when we take off we do an anticlockwise full turn and cross the center of the runway at the speed and bearing required for first waypoint this will help dramatically. If this doesn't improve bearing enough we may have to calibrate and recalibrate the direction indicator (take off and violent manoeuvre can throw it off) during the mission, this is a pilot only task as the magnetic compass cannot be operated by the Navigator. As Zeno has alluded to I will attempt to use radio beacons to return us to a home airfield. From Chucks guide the following is the Navigator role I will try to get as much as this as possible squared away, well whats modelled ingame. Flight Plan management. This includes leg distances, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), wind drift, altitudes, airspeeds, weather reports, magnetic variation, fuel planning, and landmarks for navigation fixes . • Managing the fuel by keeping an eye on the fuel gauges and switching to the correct fuel tanks when necessary . Managing the propeller feathering • Managing the emergency hydraulic pump • Managing the bomb arming panel • Reporting observations during flight (troop movements, encountered aircraft, anti -air batteries) • Managing the T1154 Radio Transmitter and R1155 Radio Receiver Sets • Managing D/F (Direction Finder) system • Checking for enemy aircraft at the back • Setting the IFF (Identify-Friend-or-Foe) codes when landing • Firing the Flare gun with the correct flare color when landing (which was very important since the light code determined whether you would get shot at by your home airfield’s defenses or not) • Setting the Identification Lights when landing (for identification purposes similar to the flare gun)
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  4. I enjoyed watching yesterdays and todays attempts, good fun flying together. Custard, I placed a Humvee at Kutaisi (north end of runway) broadcasting on 397.00 Khz, it is broadcasting KTS in morse code -.- - ... Kutaisi has an Non Directional Beacon (south end runway) broadcasting at 477.00 Khz We should be able to call Kataisi ATC using button D, I verified it today locally. I have uploaded the mission to the server and will test it there tomorrow.
  5. if anyone is intrested - i streamed a rather poor first attempt. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1272465638?t=0h0m4s
  6. No problemo, it just served as another training session. We managed to square Luggage away in the Mosquito. 633 Squadron.miz
  7. Sorry for missing last nights mission we had a guest. Can I download the 633 mission to have a look at it in the editor?
  8. These are the ships owned by the current members of LOSC, I have some editing to do this is first draft https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/LOSC
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  10. Ships useful for mercenary missions and there inventory sizes for looting Heavy Armour Set Helmet Torso Arms Legs Pisces 650uSCU can carry 2 sets @ 99% full Cutlass Black 1500uSCU can carry 4 sets @86% full
  11. if using a streamdeck for DCS i have uploaded the export scripts i have modfied and the profiles i have made for the streamdeck. AdderStreamDeck Export 22.01.22.zip DCS-ExportScript Export 22.01.22.zip
  12. Thanks, According to Chucks guide it was standard to aim for 240mph at low level as this would be 4 miles every minute. I think I will forgo using the flight record on chucks guide way too many columns
  13. Custard - as Navigator? - best pack my life jacket then....
  14. By the way there are NDBs (Non Directional Beacons) at Kobuleti and Senaki-Kolkhi and Kutaisi. If you are comfortable with the radio we can use them to navigate to the dam, if we change the time of day to pre dawn, I would just need to make sure there is light when we get to the dam. Navigating towards them is not bad, then we can use a reciprocal heading moving away from them, We would need to tighten up hour flying to a more consistent speed and altitude, I was all over the place. Senaki-Kolkhi - 335Khz outer and 668Khz inner Kutaisi - 477Khz plus there is a beacon at 113.6 Mhz but that might be to modern Kobuleti - 870Khz outer and 490Khz inner With you as navigator it will allow us to be the pathfinder for the others who can concentrate on not becoming one with the scenery
  15. No worries, I planned for problems since the first time I flew the route I crashed into trees not far from the dam! Infil - Yes please, I fly on the coast and turn inland because these are easy landmarks for me to see but its not the quickest route. We take off from Batumi Exfil - Also yes please, we don't have external tanks so I am not sure if we can get back to Batumi, if you could also plan for Senaki-Kolkhi, Kutaisi and Kobuleti in case of fuel or damage problems Batumi Enemy fighters well come up the valley the same way we did so the best way is east or south, The mountains are not an easy or quick climb for the Mosquito, straight south climbs to 11,000 plus feet. Several attempts have found us out of steam on the slopes, if we finish our runs heading east we will fly away from the fighters and have a less steep climb when we turn south or even more time to climb. Thereabouts we will have to test level flight at sea level 2650 rpm and 8 boost You can download it here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309262/ This is the is the relevant area without Batuni We already enjoy the game, having a proper navigator and co pilot will allow us to increase the immersion. Sorry for taking so long to answer.
  16. I think the MSR or a Conni - If we can fully crew them - are the best choices. Need to look at shield/weapon combos for both. The mission is PVE that requires fighters and Cargo. All the cargo needs to be moved by hand too - so numbers will be key.
  17. Ok so what 2 crew ship are we spending our ingame cash on for this Cent? FYI your driving I suck. Obviously a bigger ship if anyone joins us
  18. Must set this up https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Cockpit_Views
  19. Well that was interesting,as predicted I did cause swearing. That did feel like sitting an exam I didn't study for but I must have enjoyed it because I have been downloading E6B calculators today I have some questions so I can do some homework. I will plan an infil from airfield to target and and exfil to same airfield? Do we need an alternative airfield to land at? What airfield do we take off from? Do we need to exfil initialy in a particular direction to avoid enemy fighters? Airspeed at low level is about 260? Is there an offline map with tools I can play with, my brief search hasn't proved fruitful? If not I will just plan from the mission briefing. I will also research the bomb controls so I can get them ready for pilot to drop and switch fuel tanks when requested (not to off). Initially as the distances are very short I will just provide a heading for a set time to a known landmark then provide a new heading repeat until we get to target/airfield.
  20. We are up to scramble at Batumi 9 on the server. There are many additions, including Helicopter FARP near the Delta (with Ka50, Hind and Gazelle, Apache when launched). There is an airfield dedicated to Cold Start planes, At the moment there are F16s, F18s, Viggens and Harriers). Look for CS [aircraft name] in the list. Luggage has provided a new server called Sparta shiny new test server, this training mission will be on the server unless we are running a specific mission temporarily.
  21. I didn't even know that the pointy bits at the bottom of the digital calipers are for scribing a mark on work until I watched one of these videos and I have been working in an engineering environment for a few years now! I also didn't know any of the terminology for the parts of a lathe, I do now because I have just watched a guide. All of these abilities can be learnt, however another real problem has presented itself my want list for machinery has grown. If I ever get to retire my workshop is going to need to be as big as my house!
  22. I watched all three videos. I wish I had these abilities so I could have my own sim pit!
  23. Nah mate, the hover vehicles turn so fast and the turrets shoot so slow as long as you are moving away you can get away, my approach was also very careful. However I have been to prison too many times to count cos friendly AI literally warp in front of my gun whilst I am shooting badies
  24. I feel there is a story that acompanies this update....
  25. A couple of you may know that since working at a metal engineering manufacturers I have become interested in learning to use a metalwork lathe, I am lucky that my cousin lives next door has a half decent lathe and when covid has died down a bit has promised me some lessons, he was trained at the RN dockyard chatham. The video channel linked is doing the kind of thing I am interested in, he has only made 3 videos so far, because they are short and game related I thought some of you may be interested. If you didn't know you can use a lathe to do the jobs he is using a mill for. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0L9JUPA1ga5CZiJ1s249aQ/videos
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  27. i saw that, it looks cool, espely with the frount plates for differnt aircraft. but at £400 with 1 plate its quite pricy, at half the price the stream deckXL could do all that so much better bang for buck.
  28. Updated first post - Hover vehicles do not bypass turret targeting and are no good for infil
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