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  2. What I almost missed your Birthday!!!!!!!!! Well Now that I'm Here ... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY trip around the sun!!!!!!!
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  4. Oh dear, 2nd party of the year missed, hope you had a safe one
  5. belated but many happy returns old man!
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  7. @custard~SPARTA~ I did a thing - meet me in the verse tonight!
  8. I have an idea to help Custard and Cent (or anyone) practice defending the centre in Battlebuddies2. Using the Fleischewolf (spelling?) single bridge map (an infinite res map) in PvP,. You would build up your defensive lines and when you are ready I could test your defence using agreed units and strength to simulate what you have seen in the game so far. Because of the infinite res we could test defences much quicker and repeatedly. Also I remember Nukem did not block the southern footbridge, instead adding tons of MG, Mortars and AT. By doing this it would draw infantry away from the centre, possibly giving more time to establish the defences.
  9. Achelous and Caan we play a lot
  10. No idea but it has been a hoot!
  11. Good games this weekend what were the names of the differnt maps we were playing?
  12. Finally the F16 can be loaded for bear!! Harms and Mavericks. Very different feeling with this heavy load.
  13. I have a lot of re learning to do!
  14. Some neat things coming to the F/A-18C in open beta:
  15. Have a look at the prices of HOTAS because of Covid they have gone thru the roof I would wait! Anytime Cent an I are on we can give you a tour, help you take off and land your Constellation and show you how to explore.
  16. I have been re-acquainting myself with COH2, can't say I am any good, but I will have a bash if you are up for it.
  17. Thanks for the info guys it looks like I need to save a wee bit for a decent controller.
  18. I used to work in Hong Kong from 1990 to 1994. Our offices were in Admiralty Centre then Pacific Place. Both locations had magnificent views of the harbour, Kowloon and Kai Tak airport, as well as the Naval docks. Kai Tak was closed in 1998, and was replaces by Chek Lap Kok on Lantau island. Even though I flew to HK after I moved to NY I only ever flew to Kai Tak. As I recall all my flights were in 747s or L1011s. In 1993 a China Airlines (Taiwanese national carrier) 747 400 attempted to land at Kai Tak, but made several mistakes and did not stop before the runway ended. The plane ended up in the sea, EVERYONE SURVIVED. I did not see the plane run into the sea, but did see the aftermath. The plane was 5 months old and was written off. Kai Tak was a uniquely dangerous airport and only the best pilots from each airline were allowed to land there. As a passenger you feel you can touch the buildings in Kowloon as the plane banks sharply to the right to line up with the runway. As I recall, all take off and landings were always seaward. The tail assembly of the jumbo obstructed the runway for departing aircraft, closing the airport, so it was blown off with explosives. The incident has been recreated in FSX with explanations of what went wrong. I came across it whilst perusing youtube. I have added another video of an actual landing. In the second video note the hill at 3:05 which is used as a marker for the turn and the PAPI lights at 3:55 perfect glide slope with 2 reds and 2 whites. FSX recreation Actual landing
  19. I think Cy has the X56 (could be wrong) and I am using the TT1600 HOTAS from Thrustmaster. I used KaM for years in SC - in fact i only brought the HOTAS after flying DCS with Zeno and the crew. To be fair - i would never go back to KaM in any flight sim ever again now. Worth every single penny!!
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