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  1. Here's a decent one from Autotrader, good mileage for the age. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201606104795457?atmobcid=soc3 Then there's a 'tweaked' one, over 500hp. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201710080082429?atmobcid=soc3
  2. Current RS4's have a 4.2lt v8 but the first model, late 90's from memory, used a 2.7lt v6. The one in the video is definitely an early model, based on the rear light cluster, so possibly the 2.7.
  3. That's definitely an RS4, so not a sleeper in the true sense. Those cars were designed to be fast.
  4. Cheers guys, it was an epic night. Family,friends and a fantastic atmosphere
  5. Cheers guys, it was an epic night. Family,friends and a fantastic atmosphere
  6. Belated best wishes, I trust it was a belter.
  7. In true Cylawyer fashion, a very belated happy birthday
  8. Stupidly late, even beat Cy but happy belated b'day Custard
  9. Wasn't this a design project instigated by the USMC but once they had decided it was required the design company were allowed to commercialise it?
  10. Happy Treason Day, to all my ungrateful colonial friends across the pond. ;)
  11. Thanks guys. Had a great day, my wonderful wife took me into the city for an evening of Cuban inspired food, music and cocktails. Off to the longbow shop later to invest my birthday cash. All good Forrester, just don't get the urge to sit in front of the pc much. I might get tempted with Groundbranch, you never know.
  12. Usually cost, it's an expensive development cycle. Plus marketing, not sure with Jaguar as the F replaces the XK but if you have a model range, speed is always a differentiator. With Aston, the V8 was good for 175, the db9 was 186, the dbs was 192 with the hypercar 177 topping out at 200.7. All of those cars could have comfortably topped 200mph
  13. That is surprising. What you have to think about is the fine tuning tyres go through for this type if high performance car. The most an off the shelf tyre is rated to is 155mph, that's why your average performance saloon is limited to that. Beyond these speeds the tyres are custom created and will invariably have a unique marker on the tyre wall to differentiate it from its off the shelf relative. I had this issue at AML where our parts department were complaining that dealers were going to the high street for tyres as they were cheaper. When I pointed out the the Bridgestones on the high street were the standard REO50 Potenza rated at 155mph and not the OEM fit AM8 variant, tuned to 192mph, they had no idea the risk they could've been putting customers at. By fitting a non OEM approved tyre you're effectively customising a car which over here, has to be advised to your insurer. It is rare for it to happen but the few instances I've seen documented relate to very expensive high performance cars, where insurers are trying wriggle out of 100's of thousands claims.
  14. The decision is yours but (dependant on how hard you drive) I would not mix tyres, even factory spec'd. JLR would not have vehicle tested with mixed tyres. Also, technically you could null your insurance, if the oem specifications don't include mixed tyres. End up in a smash and any assessor doing a proper job would check tyre fitment straight away and non specified rubber can invalidate your policy.
  15. If they consider the Michelin to be a better tyre they will offer it at a premium price, for customers to choose as an option. Just another way of generating more revenue. Did the same thing at AML, with Bridgestone as the standard tyres and Pirelli p zero as the premium price option.
  16. Is anyone playing this on Ps4? I'd quite like to get this but my pc is under powered for most new games and I'm not sure I can justify going the upgrade path again, especially as I hardly play anything other than War Thunder. Add to that I quite like the look of The Last of Us, which is exclusive to Ps4, so a switch to console might not be a bad idea.
  17. Happy b'day Hoot, we'll done for hitting the half century.
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