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  1. Because of server problems there are guns to redeem, but only till maintenance tomorrow... Get em while you can
  2. Oh dear I missed the happening of the year, sorry Luggs, hope you had a good'n
  3. Ive joined a trinc fleet battle yesterday, they are epic, but need a good battle commander and line sailing. If you want to join one hang around christiansted and ask the FPM guys.
  4. Hoist the collours, bring champaign, we are on the list
  5. changes effective after server maintenance yessNope, still not on, will need some more diplomacy
  6. FPM has granted us friendship on the PVE server that means we have acces to the bonusses around San Juan
  7. Hello Sam and Custard, I have 2 victories ready to go (still need to craft guns) but they are waiting in San Juan I can now craft Santi's too, (have 2 permits already) So if you guys like we can start meddling with the big fleets now (join a group in Christiansted)
  8. Look in Ghostrecon.net forums he is still out and about. Would love to do some missioning again 😉
  9. Gunthar, from the aggy that sunk your aggy I picked up an Aggy elite note, so you can have a brandnew aggy. You'll need to bring guns over though. I would advise you to take more repairs, there were none in your ship as I salvaged it. (4-5 repair turns at least is my advice)
  10. We are called LOS on pve (Legion of Sparta) and have our clan warehouse in San Juan Our main bases of operation (hunting fleets etc.) are Fredericksted/Christiansted and Playon For some shallow water fun some of us are based at morgans bluff. If you need any help relocating or such give us a shout
  11. Or the gulf of mexico? There's also good trade there
  12. Maybe Key West, we can hunt the spanish coast aswell as neigbouring ports
  13. I have been to trinidad, missions enough there, but no open water enemy fleets/4-5th rates will explore portillo now
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