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  1. Happy belated Luggs, would have sung for you if I knew....
  2. happy belated, just came back from holiday
  3. I already have a ship, and it costs a lot maintenance and time to sail 😉
  4. Oh my, have I yet again missed the party of the year, my heartiest belated best wishes for you sir!!!
  5. I take every youtube channel with a grain of salt, and like the funny way Cap makes his video's. These vids explaining areal combat are always in a simple environment so no way they are truthfull to the real situation, but they show what could be done if..... Even though they are made with a sim, which is very limited compared to the real stuff. guess that I sometimes don't keep the one channel from the other too, especially if youtubes algorithem messes with my head
  6. I love the vids of Growling Sidewinder on DCS
  7. OOOhh happy belated Rizz, hope you had a good un
  8. I dont have a joystick atm, so ill be keen to man a post on someone elses ship, but dont expect me to do difficult stuff. I'm much like Luggage, keen on seeing what this button does? Oh no shut down all electric systems..... hehe
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