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  1. Or the gulf of mexico? There's also good trade there
  2. Maybe Key West, we can hunt the spanish coast aswell as neigbouring ports
  3. I have been to trinidad, missions enough there, but no open water enemy fleets/4-5th rates will explore portillo now
  4. Im building my ship yard in port Antonio for the time being, those small ships ill craft to rank up wont need bonusses, and hauling all stuff to the other port is too time consuming m.i.
  5. Ill have to find the thingy, and see to it.
  6. Custard my bottle dropped: 18 Carta Tar ,755 teak logs 12 guiacata salpeter and instructions aux cannoniers
  7. I should have an old xbox controller somewhere
  8. would love somne co-op flying though (I probvlably will crash together with the one I flew into…) I have lots of time in Aces over the Pacific, and Europe(1992.....), some hours in Microsoft combat flight simulator, but that was too much to learn…..
  9. I do have Il 2 1946, but where my joystick went, and if it still works hmmmm
  10. Funny, had some time doing a trade run, but still I keep looking around frantically to see if I get caught by some……..
  11. cant find the bit where they flew together, sound was awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIA76j7Abfo
  12. I never used airbrush (though I have a simple set) handpainting, and for silver parts a spraycan did the job. I've been to Duxford twice, the 4 flying B25's were better than the single lancaster (louder for sure)
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