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  1. Happy belated Luggs, would have sung for you if I knew....
  2. happy belated, just came back from holiday
  3. I already have a ship, and it costs a lot maintenance and time to sail 😉
  4. Oh my, have I yet again missed the party of the year, my heartiest belated best wishes for you sir!!!
  5. I take every youtube channel with a grain of salt, and like the funny way Cap makes his video's. These vids explaining areal combat are always in a simple environment so no way they are truthfull to the real situation, but they show what could be done if..... Even though they are made with a sim, which is very limited compared to the real stuff. guess that I sometimes don't keep the one channel from the other too, especially if youtubes algorithem messes with my head
  6. I love the vids of Growling Sidewinder on DCS
  7. OOOhh happy belated Rizz, hope you had a good un
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