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  1. and some bagpipes for those who like it
  2. somehow uploading pics wont work well, so here is attempt 2
  3. I've been to Hartenstein today, to visit the museum, see the Horsa Glider. I have spoken with many Paratroopers from different countries: Poland, America, British, German, even some from Indonesia and Thailand were present.
  4. Happy belated guys! PS Luggs, im going to the airborne museum in Oosterbeek tomorrow, its 75 years ago….
  5. Yay sank a german with 2 armed tbrigs with a mercury
  6. Im am slowly drifting into the holiday so less active the coming weeks, but I'll be back....
  7. For Bastd we need to talk to Grudgemonkey, for CRED who own Belize it should be John Sheperd (with a question mark from Hardy)
  8. Truxillo (pvp) and Belize (pb) are the spots for crafting ships. I will open up in Truxillo (BASTD clan owned port) to try and get a shipyard, need xp to get my crafting up so I can upgrade my workshop in Sandy Bay top craft copper platings.
  9. well that went same as usual, I have 150 hull repairs in Chinchorro now, ill bring up some stuff tomorrow
  10. for good 5th rate missions the Cayman Brac area is good, but beware of less friendly players I opened up an outpost in little cayman. Took down an essex, but there was a cappable surprise sailing too
  11. I Agree, maybe I can help move stuff, if you have an LGV for me Moved a lot of stuff ardy, mostly trade stuff left Crafted some more rum and hull repairs in Sandy Bay.
  12. New start succesfull, we now have 2 ports and capped 2 belle poules...
  13. Im sailing 2 lynxes to santanillas now, my alt capped one this morning nice build with pirate refit…. So my alt can be in the port battle too.
  14. thanks will try again 😉
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