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  1. Also, I just saw AppleTV are producing a huge budget production of the Asimov series Foundation, there's a trailer out already - looks pretty good.
  2. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Thanks heeps for setting up that dedi server, go tmy time down by a second practicing on it this evening. I'll be back on it again tonight, and I see a couple of the guys are on it now practising. If you could give me the heads up when it will need to come down that would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  3. Rocky


    Found this for £15/mo for 20 drivers, I'll put it to our race admin and see what he thinks. https://www.gtxgaming.co.uk/server-hosting/project-cars-2-server-hosting/
  4. Rocky


    Hahaha, love it. I Googled around and couldn't really find a good n00bs "explain like I am 5 type" guide. Which surprised me as it its hardly a new game - plenty of time for this sot of guide to mature out of the community. I imagine that's they way ahead - I'll look around as we have had a couple of people suffer disconnects which is frustrating. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Next track is Hock GP if you guys are interested in racing it this weekend.
  5. Rocky


    Glad you guys liked racing on Oscher, like I said it's probably my best track - which is still mediocre of course. We did stream our race yesterday but only just managed to - storms meant connection was ropey and so its a poor 480px broadcast, volume levels were out of whack too. We'll get it sorted. In a GT3 car I managed a 1:32 once but I'm usually round in a 1:33. The best of the guys a race with are doing it in 1:29, and I believe the WR is 1:27. I'm intrigued how you guys had a dedicated server up.. how did you manage that?
  6. Rocky

    Racing Today

    So the PC2 racing league I'm in races on sunday nights now, brilliant timing huh. They were going to stream, but not today for some reason. I'm in a porsche this season, first track in Oscher A. I'm only managing a 1:33 lap, but if there are enough pile ups I might get a place lol.
  7. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Raced that track again yesterday - at night - in the snow - with a track full of AI and 3 humans. Crazy.
  8. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Help me out here guys - you still using TS or will we be meeting on discord?
  9. I forgot to say, by pure coincidence, after mentioning Asimov in this thread, my copy of one of his paperbacks turned up in my house the same week, weird and cool.
  10. Rocky

    Promo video

    Yeh Robert Space Industries, these guys are into SC too. It took me 3 races until I figured out how to setup the traction control on the AMG, so I spent 3 races basically spinning off the track as I exited every corner. My season challenge therefore was just to finish races, never mind about placing lol.
  11. Rocky

    Promo video

    Here's a promo video from the league I'm racing in at the moment. Pretty cool job Erike made of this, you'll spot my Merc right at the end, but enjoy the whole video.
  12. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Ak ok, sounds fun.
  13. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Nice, any word what track it will be?
  14. Rocky

    Racing Today

    So you guys are doing Sunday nights? That works for me, see you next weekend hopefully.
  15. Rocky

    Racing Today

    Yeh PC2, apologies if I was vague.
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