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  1. gunny, happy bday! I went with BBQ then little party at some coworkers.
  2. I'm down for some Tactical Ace gameplay with my fellow Spartans. Mission makers assemble!!!!
  3. Looks good. But what I really want to see is that wrangler with a diesel in it.
  4. Guess who got a big boy job??? Yea Yea!!!!

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    2. EBE




    3. NoScream~SPARTA~


      Guess he ain't telling what the job is? Man Whore?

    4. Skaz~SPARTA~


      no more man whoring for me...

      project engineer!!

  5. Anyone have experience using Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling on AutoCad platform?

    1. Halli~SPARTA~


      I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express if that helps.


  6. sunday night racing coming up?
  7. Are you guys getting this?
  8. Glad you're safe bud, hope insurance takes care of everything!
  9. i5 totally destroys games!!1 Nice buy man! ps. Update the forum sig! ;)
  10. Since you don't give a shit, What the fuck are you doing here?
  11. Are you blind? or plain stupid? -free to play
  12. Build your robot/tank/mech using blocks, drop with randoms and have fun pew pewing. Lots of fun
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