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  1. I take every youtube channel with a grain of salt, and like the funny way Cap makes his video's. These vids explaining areal combat are always in a simple environment so no way they are truthfull to the real situation, but they show what could be done if..... Even though they are made with a sim, which is very limited compared to the real stuff. guess that I sometimes don't keep the one channel from the other too, especially if youtubes algorithem messes with my head
  2. I love the vids of Growling Sidewinder on DCS
  3. Happy birthday to you sir! have a good one.
  4. OOOhh happy belated Rizz, hope you had a good un
  5. I dont have a joystick atm, so ill be keen to man a post on someone elses ship, but dont expect me to do difficult stuff. I'm much like Luggage, keen on seeing what this button does? Oh no shut down all electric systems..... hehe
  6. I should have that game somewhere, backed it a couple of years ago
  7. I am thinking of building myself a new PC. My rig is starting to have hickups (built in 2017) fans starting to make noise (yes I need to clean my pc, will do so this weekend) But sometimes I experience sudden freezes, and no clear indication to what causes it (Is Bill gates trying to sell me windows 11?) I have checked heat and such.. Current rig: Cooler master silencio case (want to keep) maybe some fresh fans Asrock Z170M pro 45 (wont keep) Core I5 6600K (wont keep) 16 gig ddr4 1200 (wont keep) bunch of hdd's sata 600 and 2 ssd's (will keep only the ssd's) Geforce GTX 2070 (will keep since a new one is not needed and they are stupidly expensive atm) Enermax 750 watt gold modular psu (will keep) no soundcard (my headphones are usb these days) keyboard and mouse will stay are ok monitors will stay they are ok What I am thinking of: New mobo Gigabyte Z690 Aorus elite ddr4 32 gig ddr4 3600 (corsair want to try to find ram without fancy lights but still compatible) Core I5 12600K Noctua NH-D15 cpu-cooler 1tb M2 ssd for windows and software Any advise? I am not keen on switching to AMD hardware, had some bad experience in the late 90's (lol) My priorities? silent less energy comsuming (working from home has almost doubled my power bill...) durable (want to do another 5 years at least, and not bumpo into hardware failure so quality over budget) My old mobo ram cpu and cooler will end up in my son's pc I guess
  8. well I think some of the production facilities will come back, we foud ourselves pretty vurnerable at the start of corona being dependant on countries on the other side of the world. The question remaisn will people pay for locally produced better quality....
  9. There must be some old factories for sale in the Uk 😛 I still ahve plenty of model kits waiting in boxes.... And my biggest machinery for that will be a dremel
  10. Happy belated mr C, I wish you many years in good health and spirit!
  11. love this guy awesome commentaries
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