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  1. Happy Birthday U.S. Thomsen


    We really miss you and hope all is well!!!

  2. Incase ya'll think my Midset has Changed!!!! I am so glad to know this music. It is what I am !!!! This is Halli.
  3. You are really a great pilot. I watched you for a 20-25 minutes not sure how you knew what to do in that cave.
  4. Haha just re-watched this.... I have learned to not show broadside as much.
  5. So I flew and it was nutz because at first i did not understand Roll, pitch, awe as I have never been an Airman. I made it out of the hanger by fate only! Then decided my best action would be away from any ground objects so went skyward . I am so green but did make it off of the planet and then the server crashed (Whew thank Goodness) . HAhaha
  6. Since you are streaming can you save to video your streams so if I miss you I can see the replay!? I am so green I do not know what to do besides walk around in the hanger. 😷
  7. I'll add you to my stream account. I have not done anything with the game but I do own it and a Freelancer Max. I have been waiting for it to go to beta before I started playing but I reckon I need to learn how to operate my ship don't I !
  8. Nice.. makes me want to play War Thunder or go watch a ww2 movie!
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