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  1. Escape from Tarkov -co op





    1. Halli~SPARTA~


      Hi Viiiper!!!


      That looks fun, say's 5 years in the making.



    2. Zeno~SPARTA~


      Great to speak with you last night!


      This is another PvP survival game 2 things I don't play.

  2. Same place I am.... busy life , before you ask, moving house, getting married, going on holiday... eheheh... Happy Birthday Old man... (wow I didn't realize you were only 59.. going 60) we are all close behind... 🤣🤣🤣 forgot to say & working nights and hating it.... 🤐😴
  3. https://tanksmod.com/category/sight/ https://mod-wot.com/load/zoom_mods_for_world_of_tanks_wot/8
  4. I'm back too.... WOT is my life + little woman... (had to post that just in case she reads).. MODs same as previous, all avalible... XVM still strong but you can opt out of stats so no one has then update... Only problem is I have basic account so feel poor... https://tanksmod.com/meltymap-s-mathmod/ http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/forum/2686-mods/
  5. cheeky *ugger... More work being engaged, have to show commitment... like in world of tanks.... lol Married, you done hard work, now go out and earn the bread so she can be happy spending it... you get loads of free time, plus sex goes to one a year... so I hear, birthdays.... I'll be on .. watch this space.... Also have to make room in my little house for all her world... FFS, computer room going... on topic WOT on EU1 & EU2 love you all...
  6. I played, got engaged.... to a woman... theres my life. 1 years on.
  7. sounds like a healthy birthday then... congrats...
  8. Thank you chaps, Didn't know I was in the Ebden club Just incase anyone is wondering, very busy with work, last month alone 100+ hrs extra. I'll try to call on TS3 in near future but new girl not into the computer gaming world unlike her 3 sons. promise to pop in before Crimbo...
  9. Sorry I been AFK, Should easily remoeber with 9/11 and 2 sisters birthdays too.. Was it 10 yers ago? Got myself a great woman who is taking alot of time.. but she's worth it.... I'm still alive. same contact details... Happy Birthday sparta
  10. can't believe luggs is only 50? Happy special birthday
  11. how was cyprus? never been..was thinking of it....
  12. You do realize surfing in a covert location with my laptop anf mobile hot spot can soon eat my DATA looking at all these sexy photos ???
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