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  1. Many happy returns bud
  2. Nice collection they all look very interesting, but you can never have enough 👍
  3. Custardicus C3nturionSPARTA Forrester_sparta Gunthar Luggs58774 Samurai_SPARTA BidenCheated Cylawyer Floydac SanjuroSensei
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys 👍 had some excellent games with Cent and Samurai this evening. A pity the snow stopped falling, I could have had a day off ranking up
  5. After the latest update @Cent~SPARTA~ discovered that refining tasks that are underway or complete persist and nothing has been lost, this is most excellent 👍
  6. Cent checking out Luggs spiffy mining outfit CMulti crew mining in the Mole with Cent and Luggs
  7. Mining guide taking in recent changes
  8. I think it would be cool if possible to have a multi axled trailer with the front axle able to rotate like a bogie and the drawbar either an A frame or a swan neck
  9. @Cent~SPARTA~ that tool is a Gold mine (pun intended) refined Agricium can be sold at Brio's Breakers Yard on Daymar but it buys little else The two TDDs appear the only places that buy all the different refined ores https://sc-trade.tools/home Linky for new tool found buy Cent Is it possible to underclock the mining lasers?
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