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  1. After the latest update @Cent~SPARTA~ discovered that refining tasks that are underway or complete persist and nothing has been lost, this is most excellent 👍
  2. Cent checking out Luggs spiffy mining outfit CMulti crew mining in the Mole with Cent and Luggs
  3. Mining guide taking in recent changes
  4. I think it would be cool if possible to have a multi axled trailer with the front axle able to rotate like a bogie and the drawbar either an A frame or a swan neck
  5. @Cent~SPARTA~ that tool is a Gold mine (pun intended) refined Agricium can be sold at Brio's Breakers Yard on Daymar but it buys little else The two TDDs appear the only places that buy all the different refined ores https://sc-trade.tools/home Linky for new tool found buy Cent Is it possible to underclock the mining lasers?
  6. Much better experience for me yesterday a few minor probs that unfortunately frustrated Luggs. @Luggage~SPARTA~ the mining lasers on your Mole have defaulted to the base model we will do some research and come up with the right mix of laser heads (@Cent~SPARTA~and I will pay for them) and I think I have a solution to my view problem when I am in a laser turret, you also may have ore in the mole that needs selling. After Luggs left we went mining in Prospectors without any mishaps and this was fun. Were to buy info below @Cent~SPARTA~ Hurston - Lorville - Teasa Spaceport - New Deal 5130500
  7. Did 3 mining trips with a Prospector not equiped with best mining head because the 2 that I had have dissappeared after the patch, I was only full on 2 runs the first was just a very brief run. Dropped all 3 off at the nearest station with a Refining level and chose the refining method that gave the best return at the cheapest price but with the penalty of having to wait over a day for my refined product. Transported all refined product to a trading terminal half way across the verse and sold for 115,000 aUEC, the difference in the value of the different ores doesn't appear to have changed. During these play sessions my prospector killed me 3 times whilst going through the boarding sequence, I was unable to get into the pilot seat on my transport ship so I stored it left the server and entered a new session the second time I could enter the pilot seat but was more than a little worried that the stored cargo was invisible. I can honestly say I only enjoyed 1 of these play sessions but will give it another go, now I have the funds I will be using a better mining laser.
  8. Downloading 64 bit downloaded I have started a STEAM group chat to let everyone know we are trying the BETA, apologies if I missed anyone and please note I have not invited the Tenesee mafia yet as they are not all on my friends list
  9. Error in post Mining incomplete because No Orion Cannot drop off bags of full ore using Prospector Nice pics tho 🤣
  10. I didn't realise quite how far veterancy increased the range of even machine guns
  11. Is this the Zombie survival game?
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