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    Avoiding being told what to do in my spare time. Reading, films, growing veg playing games and trying to be a good dad and husband.

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  1. Good man, zink zee Germans
  2. Resource Update (mostly for @Forrester~SPARTA~) I have relocated nearly all my buildings twice this has cost me a stupid amount of time grinding and regrinding the ingame currency Reals My main Character Custard Truxillo Hemp level 3 Stone level 3 Forge, Academy and Workshop Belize Fir level 3 Sugar level 1 Alt character Creme Anglaise (in GA clan to recieve port bonuses on ship building and access to rare woods) Triunfo de la Cruz Oak level 3 Live Oak level 3 Omoa Lignum level 3 White Oak level 1 Santo Thomas Teak level 2 Farm level 3 Iron level 3 Trinidad Cotton level 3 Level 2 shipyards in Truxillo and Belize Available in Morro Chicco if your character is in one of the big clans Oak, Iron, Fir, Coal, Lignum and Farm Obviously as Morro Chico is the nearest port to our clan warehouse in Truxillo if you don't play much having production there makes a lot of sense
  3. Nice job mate 👍 blueprints would be nice thanks
  4. The ability of the wheeled vehicle to climb that steep a slope is awesome
  5. Don't start with that getting to 60 crap I am touchy enough being 54
  6. https://discord.gg/WXMKSS GB Discord you need to put your clan tags at front
  7. Holibobs is good mate, i don't have any booked ☚ī¸
  8. I gave in and asked Hardy to let my alt in GA I donated to GA my Victory marks and the ones Gregg put in our warehouse this is going towards upgrading there port in Misterosa My level 2 shipyard in Truxillo can make ships with serious port upgrades Gonna build a level 1 shipyard in Belize to make the worlds fastest Trade ships
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