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  1. Thats only missing some sails and water @Forrester~SPARTA~
  2. So looking forward to when I have a Freelancer Max and a ROC and thou hast a Prospector
  3. Microtech and it's moons Calliope, Clio and Euterpe are not a place for this mining method as the winds blow the Prospector off target Back to Daymar
  4. Although at times the game is a bug riven mightmare this kind of thing does show the scope of the potential gameplay when working as a group. We have a single seat mining ship working in conjunction with a transport ship and mining vehicle combo being operated by the second person it's very productive for cheap ingame purchasable ships, in the future we are going to need at least another person within a reasonable transport distance for protection because the ability to loot inventories and proper piracy is coming #soon
  5. The ROC mining vehicle is available to buy ingame on the current test bed
  6. Good because I have some minor repairs to do from exploding money 🤣 Need to get you that hight temperature environmental suit from Tammany and sons and fill both our personally inventories with water
  7. Many happy returns mate, hope the cake is a big un
  8. Worked a charm 👍 I now own all the different types of mining lasers do we can test what works best.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBOa9oiKphk @Cent~SPARTA~ watch this, we should try it next weekend
  10. Very different experiences between mining sessions incredibly poor to lucrative, whilst I am comfortable with the single seater Prospector I am unsure how I would do as pilot in the multicrewed far larger Mole it was noticable how Luggage as pilot in the mole speeded up getting on target as the session progressed particularly as he is using keyboard and mouse.
  11. Currently LOSCM members own the following mining vehicles (with lifetime insurance?) 1 x ROC and 1 x Mole (if @Luggage~SPARTA~ who obviously has an interest in mining would join, we could say we have, if it's ever released a capital class Orion) We need a song I think this is the winner and if we are ever able to pipe music through our ships it will be on a loop until you throw me out of an airlock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI0x0KYChq4 This would open the door to calling @Luggage 'Grumpy', yes I do understand this means I am 'Dopey'
  12. If true that does go a long way to rebuilding my interest after the dreadful state 3.10 appeared in, you beat me posting this by 2 minutes
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