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  1. I am out all day if you do a bunker mission in Hurston (I assume other locations as well) the enemy AI have changed they are wearing dark armour with purple highlights it's also lootable. They also appear to have introduced an object deleting script if you see something you want to loot take it straight away or it might dissapear.
  2. Excellent video Cent thanks 👍
  3. If you would like to try the game for free this event is coming up from 20th May to the 31st May. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/invictus2952#/ILW/Teaser-Hub
  4. Below are the locations were you can hack in and remove your crime stat. Mistakes were made today Security Post Kareah Cellin AA Turrets and occasional pirates Security Depot Hurston-1 Hurston Armed guard and AA turrets Security Depot Lyria-1 Lyria Armed guard and AA turrets Shubin Processing Facility SPMC-1 Calliope Armed guard and AA turrets MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A microTech Armed guard and AA turrets MT SecurityCenter DDV-6 microTech Armed guard and AA turrets
  5. Cent, Luggage, Zeno and I did a bunker mission last night although we completed it successfully and the changes to selling loot make these missions more lucrative they are currently borked and the turret on the bunker shoots at your ship. There has been more changes made to the way inventory works, they have added the ability to place ship component upgrades in ships as cargo making things very much easier however they have removed the link between inventories with main cities and their adjacent space station so we will have to transport EVERYTHING from Lorville to Everus harbour that we want to use when at Everus. The only thing wiped with this update appears to be ammo which is excellent.
  6. I amgoing to watch all the guides this guy makes on ships we have and see how many potential mistakes we have been making 🤣
  7. Apologies I am retarded, link added
  8. Loadout guide for the Hurricane @Cent~SPARTA~get to a few mins in to see the advice on coolers not watched the rest yet, maybe this content creater is worth looking at to learn about other ships.
  9. Thanks for heads up mate
  10. Added a container block mod
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