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  1. Are you looking through ship lists like on Tinder and swiping left?
  2. Insurance for ship upgrades and ships purchased ingame hve been given a thorough test and Cent can confirm they are both covered by insurance Luggage's Valkyrie is this a loaner or a ship you have purchased? The question is because upgrading the weapons, engines, shields and coolers costs 500k +, it would be a great ship to do fighting missions with for practicing multi crewing.
  3. Video Calculator https://www.erkul.games/calculator Item Finder Tool https://deepspacecrew.com/2-main-content/71-finder Component upgrades are currently covered by ship insurance
  4. Cent has become very risk averse in his new ship refusing to to mine unstable explosive rocks, go figure
  5. I agree, it also helps that the initial cost of the game was so reasonable and the DLCs are also nicely priced
  6. That is a damn fine piece of diplomacy, good man . Please pass on all our thanks on to Bubba Smith (Leader of FPM) We have a major tool in our armoury for recruiting now.
  7. A very thorough guide to the current state of mining and what may happen in the future. https://space4games.com/en/games-en/star-citizen-mining/
  8. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/LOSC I noticed an error LOSC has no Halli or Zeno or Luggage etc etc etc Corrections are in order
  9. Sent join request to LOSC, tag me noobs
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