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  1. 107 is nothing considering u are running a 95xx cpu. Nice build Athlon and staying true to your name ;-) I really hope i get the funds together for a new build soon. Need to play som WOT before i loose touch.
  2. My wife has an iPhone 5. Lots of problems. I just bought a samsung galaxy note 3. Works a treat. Get a new phone my dear.
  3. i am building an AMD rig so i will not use this psu. HASWELL.................. pfffff!
  4. NP luggage Think the patch was released just as i logged in to Steam. Cheers mate
  5. Any idea when the servers will be updatet ?
  6. Cheers Halli See u in game soon. Lots of days of this week. Practiced some helli flying yesterday and went really well at the end. Back to buisness
  7. How do you know i am blond Halli.
  8. Better late than never. Happy B Day Hajimoto. Hope u had a great Day. Best wishes Ulrik
  9. yeah dunno why i didnt see that. Thanks for the fast reply Idan.
  10. What is the password for the 2 tacdom servers. just send a PM THX
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