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  1. Adder and I were discussing last night if we thought we'd buy it or not. I think we both agreed that hopefully the play test is just a taste of what the full game will offer. I'll be waiting to see how the single player campaign shapes up, what additional multiplayer maps, and perhaps any other "new" content they announce with the full release.
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    There is a free play test currently available for COH3. Go to the Steam store page, click "Request access", should get approved right away, and you can download the game. You can't play the campaign, only multiplayer or skirmishes with the AI. I played for a few hours tonight, it's really well done. Had much better luck with the US and UK factions, not so much with the two German options. But my play style has always favored infantry in the COH games, so I wasn't surprised by that. I think there are 8 maps available from 1v1 size up to 3v3. They're all very open without good choke points, so it's pretty chaotic the whole time. If anyone wants to give multiplayer a go, let me know, I should be around this weekend.
  3. Another spin around the fireball! Thanks guys.
  4. My lesson learned from today: if there is a hostile situation on an oil rig, just blow the whole thing up.
  5. New version of Farm Sim came out this week. I have a dedicated server running if anyone is interested. I've only been playing for a few hours in the late hours US east coast time, but anyone is welcome to jump on and run a farm of their own, map is plenty big enough. Not running any mods (yet). Shoot me a PM for server info.
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