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  1. Barn doors still have nothing to worry about with me. I used nearly 15 rounds on some targets yesterday to no effect. These were stationary and I still was unable to land a hit. I did get two later kills but they were very close, I was prone and that took 7 shots. In doing some reading, through the tears of failure, I have found the following snippets, which are pasted from different posts around the interweb. Stamina is a huge factor in your ability to aim. If you have less than 50% stamina don’t expect to do anything beyond suppressing a target. Just like it would be hard to sprint 300 yards then drop dead accurate shots, this is translated into the game via stamina and weapon swing. The K98 is fine at 100m. Sub-100m it shoots pretty high in my experience. At 10m I have to aim below prone targets to hit them. It's the same issue in SQUAD, both titles use a small grid based system for the ads mechanics. If a distant target is on one of the grid lines, you won't be able to hit em unless you alter your position. I noticed this when playing on lower dpi. Now I have found how to make it smooth by playing on 2000 dpi and on 0.09 sensitivity. This appears to relate to the common complaint of not being able to aim with precision, if anyone can explain how I set this one up I will be most grateful! Lastly, and this may be me being paranoid, but I have some fights I have had are balanced, in that may shots have ensued and I have died according to my ability, which is 0% but after the opponent has had to use several shots to get me, whilst I have missed him continually. The area that bugs me is when I am running rapidly and I am one shot hit, and the audible indicator is that it is not a close shot. These annoy the hell out of me and make me sway towards assuming aimbot use. As indicated at the start of this post a moving target is very difficult to hit with iron sights and they are "super-mega ukulele" skill level. Overall I am not put off. I think we are moving toward closed server evenings PVP to hone/enhance our skills in a controlled environment. We still need to get Squad leaders and Map leader skilled honed. The information overload is as bad as ARMA but getting a full platoon together will undoubtedly be awesome.
  2. I have added your Steamid 64, which is the one that it gave the examples for, and appears to work reliably. I have also signed you up for life with Readers Digest gold tier. 😁
  3. On our own server we have access to a number of features which you can't easily enjoy on the public ones which are triggered by your steam ID number, so if you can post that in here I can add you to the list. Features include Members are exempt from team balance restrictions Members are exempt from team swap time limits Members can make the server private/public as required For new players the server affords a safe environment to try out different aspects of the game, without seven heaps of shit raining down, and some clever bastard constantly shooting you.
  4. Belated advice to get cracking on this mission New fangled video expanation tthingy
  5. We look forward to seeing you on the replacement LOSC Teamspeak server available from the shiny new address: TS3.Legionofsparta.com Please update your bookmarks!
  6. Ok I have loaded those, don't blame me if it all ends in tears
  7. Blimey! Limited has been increased to 2M blocks. Let's see if she can take it.
  8. I blame these dodgy cowboy midlands builders. What we clearly needed was a dodgy southern geezer to sort it out. oioi!
  9. We hit a default 1,000,000 limit, I have uplifted it to 1,250,000 for the moment, so let's see what happens.
  10. I have been away in a former eastern bloc country trying to lose the tails and get out with my life, so I have not been able to give this revised testing the attention it deserves. Is there any interest in trying this over the weekend at all for an hour or so, or until eyes bleed, whichever is sooner.
  11. I though you might be interested to know that Samurai has had his "telescopey viewery looking glass" out and he has spotted the following planets in various orbits. Moon-1353915701d19000 Alien-291759539d120000 Titan-2124704365d19000 Mars-2044023682d12000 Europa-595048092d19000 Now we all need to be careful and not piss off the Universe entity, so can I remind everyone of the following please. ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS – EXCEPT EUROPA. ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS THERE.
  12. This may prove to be a bad idea, but I have stuck in 'Stone Crusher' and 'Rotary Airlock'. pip pip!
  13. Bulgaria = Sofia, Bulgaria. Looking at server. Yup, it’s a server. End trans
  14. Server updated 10:30 UK time today. Apologies for my sloth on this, I am in darkest Bulgaria and haven't been able to be as close to the server, poor excuse I know! Any feedback on the server performance gratefully received. Initial view is that the multi-player update has made a material difference to performance, and we are seeing a solid update rate of '1'. Clearly the world is not yet overly complex and we may be disappointed as more metal is laid down, but it certainly is holding for the present. Multi-headed miners don't have any visible impact on performance. I am holding off MODS at the moment but we can review this in a week or so if we maintain the level of performance.
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