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  1. If I can get my ADSL sorted (they are investigating today) then I am interested in this. Packetloss recently has been abysmal and made work and play slightly frustrating. I will let you know either way it I can make it tomorrow. love Luggage
  2. You are being a tad dis-ingenuous there, a proportion of your loot is mining......
  3. I am poor, but only because of 30K drops, it is still far too unstable at the moment for trading
  4. Because it was all starting to feel too easy, I have updated the Simple Radio to the current version. You should allow your clients to update now and see what you get when connecting. pip-pip!
  5. Well an excellent night's racing, special thanks to Hunter who was racing on +100 ping, and still giving everyone a run for their money. I will look to see what tracks we do for next Sunday and provide early warning!
  6. Can I have a show of hands for Friday to try and get ourselves together for some DCS missioning? (appreciating that this a little UK focused initially) Zeno has been making a number of changes to the missions and we are at a place where we need 4+ planes to achieve the takeover of the map. Show of hands please
  7. Interesting find. Do you think that will be on the stable or just on the openbeta version?
  8. That track was awesome. It really has some sweeping bends which require some tricky lines and speed awareness. Obviously I have none of those skills so I just cut every corner. Job Done innit!
  9. Wotcher Both PCars1 and PCars2 have a dedicated server under steam. Steamcmd allows you to specify the particular game you want to download, directory to drop it into, and it does it all automatically. Then you just need to read the howto to get the thing launched. PCARs both seem to run almost the same code. If I can do it, anyone can. I have setup the dummies version where the first person to join becomes the admin and specifies the racing criteria. There is an advanced mode which is configured by LUA scripting, but as I can't script my way out of a paper-bag I have left that well alone. When something keeps telling me a comma or squirly bracket is missing I lose patience very quickly. The lua code allows you to setup a web page to control the server. The biggest challenge in running a dedicated server is actually having an internet connection large enough to handle the expected traffic. Until very recently trying to do it at home was very unreliable as domestic internet connections vary too much in performance at peak times and suffer jitter. The solid way is to have the server in a datacentre somewhere with access to a symmetrical internet link. The cheapest way to achieve this is to rent a slot server from a gaming platform provider. The expensive way is to rent a dedicated VM instance and run all your own games. The cheat way to do it is be responsible for your companies IP Transit service, and have a a server under your desk which happens to be connected to the 40Gbit/s of IP uplink backbone in the DC, for testing purposes you understand. One must know what sort of experience the customers are having after all.
  10. I have started configuring the server side for DCS Simple Radio on Open Beta 2 server. You can download the software here You do not expressly need it to play on that server, but it will allow you to step up to the next level of immersion, basically for those that find operating sixty-four buttons simultaneously is not quite taxing enough. It's early days and I haven't tuned it to be distance related, so you should be able to use the channels across the whole map. There is an AWAC's function which I have yet to work out, and also a spectator option to listen in. It is current and supported and has been around for quite a while. If it doesn't crash the server I will look to install it onto the others as well. If you install the software, (wait for it to register with the Russian Bot factory, and place the keylogger on your machine, and start to ransomware your HD), it should detect and attach to the voice server as you join from within the DCS game. I haven't yet heard anyone. Right, anyone know how to get hold of bitcoin, my screen is flashing red..........
  11. Teamspeak is still the place ts3.legionofsparta.com
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