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  1. Dang, that got incredibly more complicated with them shooting down HARMs. Time for DCS to give us some high altitude bombers.
  2. I wouldn't say its very much like L4D. More open world survival with zombies trying to make sure you do not succeed.
  3. I've been playing some survival in the later US hours for the past week or so. It seems they've done some pretty good optimization for dedicated servers, having much less bugs and performance issues that we used to see. Some of the DLC's have added some pretty nice content, as well. We're on the new planet (Pertam), I have my base almost where I want it, I will be trying my hand at a large block land vehicle next.
  4. Some neat things coming to the F/A-18C in open beta:
  5. Ouch. Bright side... as good an excuse as any to justify a new PC build for flight sim
  6. Ironically, I came across an article about this earlier this morning. This game is a beast. If you buy the physical version, it comes on 10 dual-layer DVDs!
  7. Grim Reapers were a great resource when I was getting started. They have general game guides and whole playlists specialized for each plane. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuXjkFY00p1ga3UyCBbR2w/playlists
  8. I'll be off work tomorrow for the holiday, so I'll be around.
  9. Project Cars 2 is on the Steam summer sale. $8.99 for the base game, $13.49 for the deluxe edition. Most of the DLC's are $4.99. I picked up the deluxe edition, time to see what you guys have been doing on Sunday nights.
  10. Picked up the Persian Gulf and A-10C.
  11. I did chuckle that he made sure to mention it was a single seat. No way he's letting any of us operate that.
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