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  1. Ouch. Bright side... as good an excuse as any to justify a new PC build for flight sim
  2. Ironically, I came across an article about this earlier this morning. This game is a beast. If you buy the physical version, it comes on 10 dual-layer DVDs!
  3. Grim Reapers were a great resource when I was getting started. They have general game guides and whole playlists specialized for each plane. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuXjkFY00p1ga3UyCBbR2w/playlists
  4. I'll be off work tomorrow for the holiday, so I'll be around.
  5. Project Cars 2 is on the Steam summer sale. $8.99 for the base game, $13.49 for the deluxe edition. Most of the DLC's are $4.99. I picked up the deluxe edition, time to see what you guys have been doing on Sunday nights.
  6. Picked up the Persian Gulf and A-10C.
  7. I did chuckle that he made sure to mention it was a single seat. No way he's letting any of us operate that.
  8. I'm generally not a fan of the paywall concept either, but I don't have an issue with how Keen is doing it. None of the core game functionality is locked behind a DLC. It's mostly cosmetic or "cherry on top" features. And you still have the ability to use mods to fill in the blanks if you choose to not buy the DLC. The fact that the game has been out for so long and they're still listening to the community and responding to what the people want is pretty cool.
  9. The majority of modules are on 50% sale again. Edit: Sale appears to be on until July 9th. Notable exclusions from the sale: F-14 is only 16% off Super Carrier not on sale The new map is not on sale P-47D is not on sale
  10. Another big update yesterday with some free content and another DLC pack ($3.99). Free: Hinge block Small grid door 3D letter blocks Automatic weather system LCD image rotate New LCD posters DLC: 3 larger LCD panels Neon tubes New atmo and ion thruster models New interior wall Terminal panel New 1-button panel New 4-button panel Small grid sliding door Bar counter decoration 3 new armor skins 8 character emotes
  11. Yep, that should work. In this use case, each trigger zone would need its own flag to track the "status" for that particular zone.
  12. Steel made friends with an Igla. Still managed to fly all the way back to base and land. Landed on the Stennis, Gunthar on approach Gunthar on approach Both of us on the deck Gunthar hanging off the edge of the Roosevelt (from a few weeks ago, forgot to upload)
  13. Big update to Sandstorm today. Added a "night" mode, new weapons, and a new map. Game is also 50% off until June 20th - $14.99 https://steamcommunity.com/games/581320/announcements/detail/2193761957322241193
  14. Official forum post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4389926#post4389926 According to one of the Eagle Dynamics staff in Discord, it should also be available on the Steam version.
  15. A bit of a gamble if I can do 20:00 GMT on a weekday, just depends on how the work is going. But if that works for the rest of the group, by all means start without me, I'll join up when able.
  16. Back on sale this weekend if anyone has been holding out. $8.99 for the base game $8.99 for the Horizons Season Pass Fleet Carriers were added recently, but very pricey. I believe on-foot game play is getting added "soon".
  17. Excellent, glad it worked.
  18. Been watching a few videos on SEAD... seems either a terrain masked (extremely) low altitude direct attack or a volley of mixed munitions is the key to success. Depending on where the SAM's are placed in the mission, terrain masking may not be an option
  19. Full change log: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/changelog/openbeta/
  20. Yep, I like that a lot.
  21. With the proper height and speed, the JSOW has an incredible range that would likely keep you out of danger from the Grumbles. I think the F-18 can carry 8 of them. As far as I know, you do need an 8 digit grid coordinate to program into the munition, though. I'm not sure if it has the ability to work with a TPOD or anything like that for targeting, so I'm not sure if we want to simulate that we know precisely where those radars are placed.
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