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  1. You'll have to tell me how you managed to release them!
  2. DG covers the details (what there are of them here) It's a big step change to the whole inventory system and its required before they can implement tech like spawn closets and personal inventory, All of which is required for the long awaited server meshing tech.
  3. are there any free WW2 planes that I can play around with whilst waiting for the mosi?
  4. chocks away - Pilot reporting for duty!
  5. Will we run missions with it? I really like the idea of the WW2 campaign opportunities and I will be getting this but it would be good if others were too.
  6. cool! Ventoux is definitely on my bucket list.
  7. Happy once more round the Sun Mr Adder.
  8. Hey Rooster, As Zeno say's we are no where near the previous numbers but we do still dabble in the online gaming world. Myself and Luggage play Post Scriptum and there is a group of us playing Warthunder. A number of us have Star Citizen accounts, Elite Dangerous and DCS. Drop into the TS server (UK from 7pm onwards) and there is normally someone about
  9. Happy Birthday dude! hope your doing well, what ever your up to!
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