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  1. New patch is live. Short on content - but there has been a push for better server stability, LTP or long term persistence and bug fixes. I have set my initial spawn point to New Babbage and i am currently waiting up at Everus Harbor for y'all to join in!
  2. You can fit anything upto the Ursa rover into the Conni - space isnt the problem, its the size of the ship. With the Freelancer and Cutlass - the cargo deck and the pilot cabin are on the same deck. you simply drive up the ramp and get out - job done. You have to lower the cargo deck to the ground with the Conni before you can exit. then do the reverse when you want to fly off. if you are doing it solo - the Conni would take twice as long as the others to be flight ready. ideally you'd want a 3 man crew to run a Conni and a ROC combo. A Pilot, Miner and a Cargo loader.
  3. Aurora MR Cutlass Black Conni Taurus Caterpillar (in game purchase) Graycat ROC Greycat buggy (in game purchase) Tumbril Cyclone (in game purchase) Hull B Freelancer (no idea why)
  4. they are puurty - however mostly empty at this point. The ambient sound is rather amazing as you walk around it must be said. So far i have been blown to bits 3 times outside Everus harbor. some of the more enterprising hoodlums are using a QED just outside the port. You cant jump away and others cant jump in - can be a bit frustrating!
  5. Sun rise on Ariel Game is soooooo puuuuurty!
  6. 100% pilot error i say
  7. Mining with Custard in the wastelands.
  8. ROC = Money printer! Custard, cheques in the post mate
  9. Many happy returns old fruit!
  10. Into the Storm! Flying from St Johns to Portland through a weather system at 28,000ft. Manual flying on Instruments only for about 20 minutes as the AP kept trying to roll the aircraft.
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