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  1. The Harpoons weren't cutting it - So.………... I dropped a Bomb on it instead
  2. Cent~SPARTA~

    KSP DM2

    A showcase of DM2 (Demo Mission 2) in Kerbol Space Programme, using the Realism overhaul mod that changes the stock game and world to one that matched real world physics and dimensions. DM2 will carry the first American astronauts from US soil in almost a decade, since the retirement of the Shuttle. DM2 consists of a Falcon 9 Booster, Upper stage and Dragon capsule. All produced by Elon Musk's SpaceX for Nasa. Designed to carry upto 7 crew at a time the Dragon will act as a crew taxi and dramatically increase access to space, both for Government and commercial entities. The Capsule is reusable and so is the Falcon 9 booster. This helps bring the cost per seat down from $90,000,000 (Russian Soyuz) to a more reasonable $20,000,000 if all of the seats are taken Set to make its first crewed launch today from KSC at 20:32 UTC
  3. Played with the Avenger today - nice little ship but very twitchy to fly in atmo.
  4. The single most expensive fuel bill ever!!!! 4000aUEC for todays adventure. don't think I have ever had a bill that much
  5. I like this ship very much - This will be my goal in game!
  6. Thanks to you - I have now spent more on this than SC!! ffs.
  7. 3 blokes loose their shit on a random Planet (Custard doing a great impression of a Monkey) (Luggage rocking his Top hat) (and me)
  8. 3.9.1 is Live. Picked up a Rover, applied a paint scheme to my ship and had a look at some pretty fireworks and a Mahoooosive destroyer - the Javelin. Sever seems about as stable as I have known it to be today.
  9. Great fun again last night. Anyone interested in watching my (sometimes petulant) attempt at mastering ground attack can watch the stream back
  10. Not so sure about the piloting but thanks! As for the cave - finding that passage at the back was pure blind luck! its only the second time I have ever found the missing person, so I was pretty happy with that!
  11. Private noob reporting for duty - hold on I forgot my trousers! I'll be right with you.
  12. Todays episode (first attempt at a recording so apologies about the audio!)
  13. Oh my gaaaaaawd. Going to closed Beta this month!!! the multiplayer aspect look really good.
  14. I'll get on tomorrow evening for a flying lesson again.
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