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    Whatever i can lay my hands on :))
  1. You guys really have been busy! Ill have to get the game updated and have a nose around
  2. thanks chaps - been working away so I missed the cake! no matter you can sort it out for next year!
  3. Happy Birthday Riz. Have a great day 😀
  4. Chaps - has anyone taken a look at this?? I have only watched a few videos from the Alpha - its in to Early access now - but It looks rather fun (if you are a Nerd like me anyway!)
  5. Yes its all starting to make a tiny bit of sense. Great team work.
  6. If your 88 I'm a Lesbian! Happy Birthday matey.
  7. HA! Lugg's we managed to pull that last game back and won with 5 tickets left!!!
  8. I have found ordering 120mm Howitzers barrages and Mosquito bomber runs to be most satisfying. Company level command seems fairly straight forward - as long as you have talkative PL's - I rather enjoyed it today and we won!!
  9. Its not me. I can assure you of that!!!!
  10. Yes that is one of the issues at the moment. We can lock/unlock our platoon when formed to make sure we have our own little group. that works ok and I think Lugg's is looking into the details of our own server on one of ahem "host" machines located somewhere in the UK which will allow us more control. Some good games tonight with Peter, Lugg's, Custard and Forrester as Logistics, Infantry and a final stint in an armoured platoon.
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