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  1. Already expecting a promotion i see!
  2. Cent~SPARTA~


    Started a subsidiary Org dedicated to mining. I have sent out a few invites - anyone else want in let me know.
  3. So what works - Trading - Multi part missions are fun - however the grind with the payout isn't as lucrative as 3.9. 3 box pick up will net you 4000 to 6000. I have found the multi pickups with a single drop off to be the most practical. try it out. Large run trading - with the change in commodity levels back to the pre 3.9 exploit some of the short hop runs are no longer viable. Most outpost only stock a limited amount of products and the refresh rate now works correctly. Ie the Larranite in Bezdeck refreshes at a rate of 500 units per minute. For context, the Freelancer carries 6400 units and the maximum amount stocked at the outpost is 5000 units. The days of the big CAT trade runs of high value cargo are over. Some products, like food, agg supplies and the like still have high stock values and are now more suited to bulk hauling - however the values are nowhere near as high as before. Good points - Small ships can make a high profit but with a smaller volume. Large ships can make a good profit hauling Bulk items (just no high value exploits anymore). You can share funds and this makes multi crew of the large haulers fun - as the pilot can land at the port whilst the captain makes the pilgrimage to the business district to sell the goods. Bad Points - Harder to make a profit, longer grind with the small ships if you have little starting capitol. Mining - Surface mining has seen some improvements with the addition of more small surface nodes which can be mined by hand or with the new ROC ground vehicle. Multicrew mining is now a real thing as profits can be shared across crew easily with the trader app. Good points - More resources, More mining vehicle options, profit sharing Bad points - Non I LOVE MINING I haven't delved into the combat missions - will try these at the week end. Overall I like the direction 3.10 but it does have its own share of new and unresolved bugs. Mining feels really fleshed out and personally I dont mind that they removed the trading exploit (although racing a Caterpillar to the surface was fun) and once salvage gets it turn I feel we will be finally turning the corner and heading towards a Beta although i think this is still years, not months away.
  4. Gents, The latest release (3.10) is live on the servers. As with the last patch - Persistence seems hit and miss across the board so check your inventories. Sadly the CAT and Prospector are missing from my load out - however I still have all of the components like QT drive, Weapons, Shields etc that I had purchased for them. I also have my personal weapons and Armor sets AND most importantly the aUEC balance before the update. So I at least start with 500,000 in the Bank. See you in the verse!
  5. All the thumbs up for that idea!
  6. Yup - back to mining. On a side note there are rumors abroad of an aUEC wipe in 3.10 due to the issues people had in 3.9 and 3.9.1 with account resets etc. This will effect wallet only - not component upgrades or in game purchases.
  7. @custard~SPARTA~ I did a thing!
  8. Well as you were away, Zeno, Myself, Hunter, Panic, Rizz and Adder have decided to play ArmA 🤣
  9. The idea of combined ops has me all sorts of excited!! Sad news on the drive though - I feel your pain!
  10. Cool. Shame the only UK mainland airport is behind a £100 paywall
  11. yes going to need a wee bit of an upgrade between now and its release I think!
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