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  1. Great stuff Zeno. I need to re learn the weapon protocols and targeting systems again!!
  2. late but feeling great. Happy Birthday Pal
  3. Very much enjoying a return to this game after at least 3 years! Thank you to Brer, Steel, Gunther and Cylawyer for your patience in ranking me, Luggs, Sam and Custard up. Turns out that if you play alongside people who are actually good - it makes the whole experience a lot of fun! go figure eh.
  4. On that note, the fruits of three days mining/refining sold at Microtech for just over 625,000aUEC 22 Scu of Agricium Mixed consist of Laranite, Taranite and Gold. The Green cargo boxes contain 11 Scu (cargo Units) of Bexalite The bottom row contained a mixture of Titanium and other non precious metals.
  5. There is a potential Hotfix patch currently in Evocati for the various mining and material selling bugs, plus a fix to the Pirate mission - this means a possible database reset. Should only effect Character loadout, Ship component Loadout, stored consumables and in progress missions. *however I would STRONGLY recommend closing off any refinery jobs and selling the contents forthwith! *
  6. Orion is simply mobile refinery (I expect the Orion will drop with Pyro) and the Bags are in - but the ability to drop and re-handle them was missing without tractor beams (1st gen tech is in - so the ship beams shouldn't be too far away now) That's why i said its now content - rather than tech that's the limit for this game loop.
  7. Mining on Microtech Refined and loaded into the MSR for transport to a local reseller.
  8. Cent~SPARTA~


    3.12 has brought some stability and quality of life improvements. Personally I have found it to be quite stable with reasonable frame rates and some new missions. Mining is now as feature complete as its possible to be with the full path being: Hand mining Single seat ship mining Ground vehicle mining Multicrew ship mining Refining of raw material sale of processed/refined metals more ships and vehicles will be made available from other manufactures going forward - but now its a matter of content rather than capabilities for mining.
  9. downloaded and installed - i did wonder if you chaps were still playing. If its anything like L4D i can see us having a bit of a laugh.
  10. I think i may dust off the old flight suit myself this weekend
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