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  1. A welcome sight returning from a raid on the Gestapo Headquarters at night!!
  2. Custard this seems right up your alley. If we progress in the game I will figure out how to set Non Directional Beacons so that we can use the Radio Direction Finder to navigate. At that point you would be in the path finder Mossie. Enjoy Usually I do not recommend Grim Reapers for anything but entertainment, However for this they were first and for once reasonably clear about how to use the equipment.
  3. I have found a way to compensate for not having a time delay on the bombs, which is big problem for low level bombing/ There are three rows of switches for bomb control (behind the perspex screen), the two top rows control the 4 bombs individually, the bottom 2 switches control the fuse. Left switch for nose, right for tail or both switches for nose and tail fuse. Using only the tail fuse I was able to drop bombs at low level without damaging the plane. I cannot be sure how high off the ground I was but I was low, maybe less than 200 feet. Anyway this is the panel
  4. This guy seems to know what he is talking about, worth watching.
  5. I will show you when we are next in game, but for now, open the perspex cover for the bomb switches and leave it open. When the cover is closed you can see there is a silver coloured bar style switch in the top left hand corner, When the cover is open you can pull that switch down. That activates the bomb release. Adder and I were able to shred the AAA with our cannons on the way in, it only takes a couple of good hits to destroy them.
  6. First bomb hits from my Mosquito, sadly I was shot down by the AAA shortly after release of 2 bombs. I also managed to kill 2 emplacements with cannon fire on the way in. The mission has five Mosquitos as well as some P51Ds and Spitfires for fighter cover.
  7. Cent and I had a bash in the DCS Mosquito, even got in some multi crew action.
  8. A few pics of gameplay with me and Adder. We started out in the YF12A, Adder got some very long range kills, but I managed to get to about 117,000 feet, not quite as much as Branson, but not bad. I also managed to land the beast. Then we had a play with the CH53, here is Adder living up to his name! We did some multi crew, yes the CH53 can have two pilots and each can take control. Here is Adder coming in for a smooth landing.
  9. Another great Helicopter mod, the CH53 Super Sea Stallion. Discord https://discord.com/channels/803931291103526942/853527108605313035 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-nLngf8vq0DqgS4CFnnhduMml_hInDXf/view?usp=sharing
  10. One for Adder, The CH47 Chinook https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/281662-ch47-chinook-flyable-clickable-efm/
  11. I thought this map would help visualise the route to the target. We will take off to the west from Batumi, then do a 180° turn and head back up river. After about 8 miles we will bear left following the power lines and pylons. I have added smoke to help with the navigation but, since I have left the map markers on, you will also be able to see the AAA markers. There are 4 on the way to the first target, the fifth is at the target. 20 rockets from a Mustang will destroy the target. The Mosquito carries 8x60lb rockets or 4x500lb bombs. With rockets we can stay at low level. If we go with a small interval between planes we can assess the damage from the plane ahead before firing, once target one is destroyed we can move onto targets 2 and 3.
  12. This is for Custard although it may be interesting for others.
  13. Target destroyed with rockets
  14. Since the AAA emplacements are visual only I tested darker hours in winter, Here is 18:00 in December And this is 17:00 in December. 18:00 is ok at first, but it will get darker and flying low in the dark is impractical. 17:00 seems better and in both cases I didn't notice the AAA guns firing at me. I will try to find an evening with a full moon to see if that helps.
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