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  1. I don't know how many people have it, the last game we raced was Project Cars 2.
  2. I added the Huey to my DCS fleet and did a couple of circuits. It did disassemble on one landing but I managed to take off fly a circuit and land roughly where I wanted. I will have to test in on the Tarawa. The noise it makes is very evocative of the Vietnam era (based on documentaries and films I have watched), I hope they add some more planes from that conflict.
  3. These are cool ideas. Building a base as a trailer is interesting. When we built the detachable mobile bases they were reaching >600,000kg all in with 24 to 28 driven wheels. My tractor only weighs 76,000 kg unladen. My objective is to be able to exit the lake and negotiate the flatter parts of the terrain with the trailer. The Tractor should be able to go anywhere. The trailer you describe can be created. but weight is a major consideration, I will have a go at it. These are definitely not the final prototypes. BTW here is the inspiration for my tractor.
  4. I have been working to develop the vehicle. I wanted to add a cargo trailer, This would carry the materials to build a rudimentary base. The trailer has an articulated connector using hinges This first attempt was successful as a proof of concept. The trailer has a battery for the connector and hinges but the wheels are unpowered when hitched to the main vehicle. The "tractor trailer" combination could drive and exit the lake. The connection needs to be longer as the rear tractor wheels interfere with the front trailer wheels in turns. I can add a programme block with the sub grid script to make all wheels driven. This is the latest prototype which can Dock with the base.
  5. Steam Library COH 2 Right click select Properties Betas 64 Bit Beta
  6. I saw a you tube video of a Russian ultra capable go anywhere vehicle called the Sherpa. Of course I immediately thought I could recreate it in Space Engineers Here it is, and it is going to climb to the mountain peak in the background 7.5 km away. Welcome to the top of the test mountain It has eight batteries and for the prototype I have added a nuclear reactor. On the way back it tumbled and ended up upside down, I simply set the ride height to the minimum and drove it upside down until it tumbled again. At one point I had a huge fall with a lot of hang time and I was sure it would break, but it always hit a tyre first. As you can see you would have to hit an edge or point to not hit he tyre. I just need to add a connector and some storage and this could be a pretty good base rover.
  7. Pittdog and Nukem know, Nukem joined us in game yesterday. I am sure their brothers will know shortly if not already. I hope this fixes your woes!!!
  8. I will have to check out the new planet. I tend to play more in creative as I like to explore different design ideas, especially with articulated suspension as blueprints dont work beyond the rotors.
  9. I dont mind switching to the 64 bit version, 600mb wont take forever to download.
  10. This is continuation of my weapon range analysis, this time for the British. Again all weapons are unranked. Vickers HMG 6 Pounder anti tank gun 17 Pounder anti tank gun ML 3 Inch Mortar ML 3 Inch Mortar Pit Land Mattress Sexton 25 Pounder Artillery My perception was that the german Arty had more range than the Brits, in reality they appear to be the same. It makes sense since the game has to balanced otherwise no one would play the weaker faction. I am not very good with the Brits as I prefer tanks, but I have been trying 3 tank squads made up of 2 Comets and a Firefly. Also I cant cap fuel points with the Brits so I struggle to build up a tank force. I have also done this with the Germans, 2 Panthers and a Tiger.
  11. Over the last couple of years I have been trying to develop a land vehicle that was capable of climbing to the top of the highest mountain on the earth like planet. It became apparent that the suspension in game was inadequate for the terrain so I worked on using rotors to create much more travel. The most successful had 4 6 wheel bogies on arms with 3 rotors Using large blocks. It was capable of carrying a base module and weighed 600,000 Kg with the base and 400,00kg without. I tried small block vehicles as well but the ravines are too big for them. Here are all my vehicle prototypes This is my latest prototype, inspired by the Juggernaut truck in the Mandolorian. The body is articulated between each wheel, the first attempt failed because I could not maintain enough wheel contact and there is not enough ground clearance. I will correct this by adding 2 sets of hinges for each wheel with a few blocks between them to increase ground clearance.
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