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  1. There is a channel on youtube that reviews films for historical accuracy as well as adding background to historical events. There is a review of A Bridge too far, the film about operation Market Garden. What I especially like is that even though the reviewer is British, he doesn't pull any punches with regard to our mistakes.A Bridge Too Far is a great film,
  2. Its a pretty game. Just remember the station slot is far bigger than your starter ship!!!
  3. Last week I chatted about the challenges facing north sea oil platform decommissioning. I never imagined how they would actually go about it. In fact the method is amazing. Here is a video on how it is done.
  4. I am continuing to work on the "Ring" station. I have added 1 small ship landing pad (and will probably add 3 more) I have added an internal refinery complex using Adders 10x refineries and sorters I have added several "barracks" with beds. bathrooms, mess hall, lockers and armories. As one would expect there is an area for more senior staff with individual quarters and dining area. There is an area dedicated to cryo chambers, but I wonder if it is appropriate for a fixed station. Finally there is a medical ward, although this is a work in progress.
  5. There is a new rotor mod with a central passage, this has some interesting potential!! https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1851669773
  6. Thanks Adder I didnt manage to snag it yesterday. Worked on it a bit more. added a bunch of chargers for your weapon and tested it. As I think about it though it is a relatively limited weapon (the station) since it can only hit the planet. So maybe I should put one on top as well.
  7. There are a bunch of refineries in one of the pods so we can scrap the complex. Look forward to adding the turret. I have been working on the glass sections between the upper and lower pods, using them to add a barracks with beds, bathrooms, armoury, kitchen and large dining area in the outer sections and a large cryo area in the center section. All of the glass sections are connected directly to the center via passageways.
  8. I haven't added a safe zone yet. J and I worked on some interiors (crew quarters) and I didn't notice any slow down. I added the latest elevators by VCZ, its really cool. I was thinking of scrapping the refinery complex and replacing it with the a turret for your gun so we can shoot the planet. Latest update, added docking extensions.
  9. I have more than doubled the number of pods and added a refinery complex to the bottom as well as a control tower pod at the top. There are dedicated docking ports at the bottom of the refinery complex for refined products.
  10. Adder and I have been working on a space station. Using a combination of his modular blocks and an octagonal "pod" we have come up with this so far. Four "arms" will extend from the ring for docking ships.
  11. I'll ask Floyd about this when I see him next. I think the game has got too far ahead of me.
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