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  1. Last Leg Buenos Aires to the Falklands. Early Departure from Buenos Aires in the Cessna Citation Longitude Arrival at the bleak Port Stanley, Falklands. I did not have the FAA required fuel reserve for the journey. I had to try different altitudes plus a long slow descent to eke out the fuel. In the image below there is insufficient fuel to keep the engines running so they have shut down. The overall route, I couldn't get all the legs in but it was over 6000 nautical Miles, I actually diverted to SFAL en route as SFTG was the wrong Airport.
  2. https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/nasa-kennedy-space-center
  3. Heading into Jose Maria Cordova Intl Airport (SKRG) in Colombia. More precisely Medellin, home of a business to which I have no affiliation. Colombia is also home to very tasty coffee and their best export, the magnificent Sofia Vergara. This a long flight from Managua (MNMG) so I am in a Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet, which can crack along a bit faster and higher than the TBM 930. This is the older plane in the game so it has a mixed cockpit, no touch screens, it took me a while to figure out how to tune the radios. OK made it into cartel country, although It was very cloudy and hilly. Good job I got decent vectors from the ATC. Next stop Galeao-Antonio C Jobim Intl (SBGL) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Due to the huge distance 2,500+ NM I will try the 747 for the first time. The 747 has a problem holding a fixed altitude, it oscillates about 600-800 feet, so I switched to the 787. 9 19 20 SKRG SBGL (Colombia to Brazil) 2566 NM Boeing 787 - check SBGL SBCT Still in Brazil 363 NM Cessna Citation Longtitude - check 9 20 20 SBCT SBPA Brazil 288 NM - check SBPA SAEZ Buenos Aires, Argentina 472 NM - check 9 21 20 SAEZ SFAL Stanley, Falkland Islands
  4. New epic flight - South America. Travels so far Miami to Cancun (Mexico) in a Boeing 787 Cancun to Toncontin (Honduras) IN a TBM 930 Today Toncontin to Managua MNMG (Panama) I will then have to make a choice of either flying to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina or Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, french Guiana, Brazil, Argentina. Final stop The Falkland Islands. After which I will see if I can fly non stop to the UK.
  5. Here is a real ferry flight from France to California in a TBM 930. The flight was a bit different because they did few short hops. But realistically there are only a few ways to cross the Atlantic in this type of plane.
  6. I finished my delivery flight from Marseilles to San Francisco, 6,229 Nautical Miles (7,163 miles) and nearly 19 hours. The TBM is a fantastic Turboprop aircraft and a joy to fly, high and low, fast and slow! MSFS 2020 is excellent for simmers of all levels. Here is my route. The hardest part is the 4 hour transatlantic leg, fuel was a worry.
  7. I still didnt fly to Albuquerque, I got out of Dodge using its regional airport, which is an uncontrolled runway and flew to Telluride (KTEX). This was not uneventful. First I use real time so it was still before dawn. Second it is a ski resort in the mountains at 9,000ft, the approach is rough when you fly through mountain air. Third there are mountain peaks all around, which brings me back to my first point, very low light. Luckily its a well lit runway. I have been to Telluride and landed at this airport in a Cessna Caravan. Changes in temperature alter the load the plane can carry, because it was hot that day some of the bags had to be driven in by car as the plane could not carry them at that time. Telluride was a wild place, nick named "to hell you ride" it was popular with smugglers. Last anecdote, the only time I walked away from a ski slope was here. There was a double diamond run called Jaws. As I looked over the edge all I could see was a big mogul and the village far below. So I took off my skis and walked to another run that would not result in death.
  8. Albuquerque was a 2 hour flight so I went to Dodge instead, which was only a smidge more than an hour away. I settled into a cruise at 25,000ft and started looking at ARMA 3 domination files trying to resolve some issues. after 15 minutes I thought I would check out Dodge city airport on google. I should have known something was wrong right away, the ICAO for Dodge city airport is KDOD, which immediately meant Ken Dodd to me. Google showed no airport named KDOD, neither did skyvector. As I approached there were a lot of flickering red lights, It turns out these were wind generators, very tall wind generators. Amongst them was a bit of dirt, I turned on the approach assist, which showed me the approach. I practically stalled the plane for the shortest possible landing, still ran out of runway and squeezed between a tree and a house. Basically Dodge city airport is someones yard!!! Things I have learnt, beware of low flying around red flashing lights on the ground in the dark and check all airports out before flying there!
  9. A little trip from Cairo to Luxor with Cent. I am in a Beechcraft Baron G58. It has a small bug, the altitude setting knob is missing. I found out today that it is a known bug and that you can set the altitude with lctrl + page up/down. I tested it today and it seems to work. I flew to Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday. Next stop Albuquerque, New Mexico. Take note Bugs Bunny fans, which way should I turn at Albuquerque!
  10. Nice. I flew from Detroit to Chicago, haven't figured out next stop.
  11. Yesterday I flew from Niagara to Detroit, or at least that was the intention. On the way, whilst at 10,000 ft I was hit by a severe wind sheer, so severe the nose pitched straight up until it stalled then dived and finally recovered. I was in autopilot so I let the plane recover itself only managing the speed in the dive. The 10 minutes later it happened again, but much worse. This time the plane almost looped and was tossed about so violently it exceeded its stress limits and broke up. Trying again today. I didnt enjoy this feature but appreciate that its in the sim.
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