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  1. Daaayum.....!!! (pronounced with a Us southern accent)!
  2. Hahaha, Yeah you would know better than the rest of us.
  3. Happy Birthday Pete!!!!!! Hope it is a great weekend for you....Old Man!!!!!
  4. So we are moving back to Everest harbor???
  5. Hurston it is then.
  6. Glad to know I am not the only one who has screamed an expletive. Yeah, I know Ya'll have all heard them! 😝
  7. A new Tactical sim type FPS has been launched in early access on Steam. Developed by BlackFoot Studios. This was started by John Sonedecker one of the original Members of Red Storm Entertaiment whom made GhostRecon. GROUND BRANCH – BlackFoot Studios' Premiere Tactical FPS
  8. I now have an I7-11700F and could not be happier! Bought a Asus ROG G15 and added a MSI cpu water cooler. 16gb 3200 Samsung stock Ram.... will upgrade this one day in the Future. Dual Rtx3070 8gb (It's called dual because of fans not 2 units, trick of words really). Nothing wrong with todays Intel but I don't do anything more than game on my Desktop PC.
  9. Damn... that looked like an Arma map!
  10. Merry Christmas Happy New year to everyone also!!!!!
  11. If you used only bright orange Armor Custard you would not have to change clothes so much.
  12. Me leaving a small outpost during a nice sunrise with my first mission on my own.
  13. Captain Kirk??? or Will Robinson??? Oh wait it would be John his Dad whom was the pilot! If only I could zoom in and see his great looking features!
  14. Where do we store what we have is the real Question???
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