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  1. Very Cool. I like the "W0t! no Engines?" pic!

    1. custard~SPARTA~


      OMG we are nearly a teenager :)

  3. Coming October 4th 2019 A new GhostRecon very similar to Wildlands but with a little Division thrown in. It is a looter styled game like Farcry in my opinion. I played the closed Beta and really enjoyed it. [note ..It is not GhostRecon of Old or even Graw] I have only played single and Co-op and am not sure if there will even be a pvp. Looks like there will be a pvp 4vs4 Here is a YouTube link: https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/breakpoint
  4. Happy Birthday Terry!!! Where the hell are you?
  5. Awesome can't wait! I don't know the story but the trailer looks great.
  6. I will spread the word!
  7. Not sure it may. He only needs 50% to stay in the good.
  8. For me those heavy Machine guns are what saves me from being overwhelmed which is not hard for myself. You are set as LT. in clan and if we have a teammate that wants to take the clan play to the top I can easily give that person the Commander spot if it helps them! Either way Co-op is great to play and when I'm solo I really just run around and get loot and supply drops & ect.
  9. I hooked up with Pitdog (Troy) and allowed him into the clan with recruitment abilities. His in game name is PitDogLOS he can accept and give invites. I know we won't do much with this but you never know and if nothing else it gives small perks for each other as it has a Clan stash that I hope will be handy.
  10. I think I can invite once you are level 12 and over not sure. Will be back on Sunday eve. Clan name is Legion SPARTA it would not allow the complete name so I went with this.
  11. Awesome. Those jeep led headlights are blinding I don't like coming head on to them at night it is painful.
  12. I'm not a gunsmith but that is cool. I would bridge the nose plate area so it could not get hung on fabric etc.
  13. Well lets get this started. "The first steps when creating a clan involves choosing a clan name, a short tag consisting of 3 capitalized letters, an insignia that can be designed based on a by the game offered selection of icons, backgrounds and border types and last but not least an optional notice for what your clan stands for." So what are our choices? 1. LOS 2. ... 3. ... 4. ... Any thoughts on what three would work?
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