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  1. Not sure really. Guess we shall find out this weekend. I think it brings you back in at last save so you would have to send the invite, and you would have what you built up till your save. Although my Ai was still building while I was away, it would revert to when I last saved and exited for me. Still a learning curve for me and I did load it on my laptop so once I start staying out of town alot I can play on the road!
  2. It is great to have, they can build trench like pits for many things. And are great at Defensive walls of support. I myself don't use them much but really appreciate the support and help they offer from allies!
  3. Good stuff. Pitdog and Bmushal use Wiki to lay down efficient plats for builds. Be advised this game will eat up all your time. It will even make comments like " You have been playing for 2 hours you need Coffee" or " You have been playing for 8 hours you should take a break" !
  4. Your ship captain must be a 1000 years old by now, travelling that distance. He could be Vulcan?
  5. Almost Missed it!!!! Happy Birthday ye ole Scot!
  6. I have been on and off watching Mars on Amazon Prime. "In a unique hybrid of scripted drama and documentary, executive producers Brian Grazer & Ron Howard present this epic series following a thrilling quest - in 2033 - to colonize Mars." It is ok and a little different as they intermix National geographic + Space X in a movie/docudrama to a nonfiction fiction story line. It gets boring at times then will pick up a bit here and there. Something new anyhow, I have yet to finish watching it.
  7. Happy Belated CY. Tell the ole lady we are just talking Fishing!
  8. There will be an open Beta for GhostRecon Breakpoint from Oct 24 thru the 29th. You can get it on Uplay (Pc), Xbox and PS4.
  9. Very Cool. I like the "W0t! no Engines?" pic!

    1. custard~SPARTA~


      OMG we are nearly a teenager :)

  11. Coming October 4th 2019 A new GhostRecon very similar to Wildlands but with a little Division thrown in. It is a looter styled game like Farcry in my opinion. I played the closed Beta and really enjoyed it. [note ..It is not GhostRecon of Old or even Graw] I have only played single and Co-op and am not sure if there will even be a pvp. Looks like there will be a pvp 4vs4 Here is a YouTube link: https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/breakpoint
  12. Happy Birthday Terry!!! Where the hell are you?
  13. Awesome can't wait! I don't know the story but the trailer looks great.
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