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So I had to go to the pharmacy......


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Sorry about this...


I have been asked by the landowner to not divulge any information regarding the location of my find in case it is a meteorite.

They do not want to be overrun by folks looking to find one.... I find that understandable.


So I have deleted this post


But I will keep you updated.

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I just got back from the oldest "Rock Shop" in Tucson that has been in business for 55 years and is owned by two brothers. They are not your typical rock shop owners, they inherited the business from their father. One is a Paleontologist who before taking over the shop ran the first dinosaur dig for the state of Arizona, plus he was the resident paleontologist at a large museum here. The other brother is a Geologist who also had a successful career in his field before they decided to team up and take over dad's shop.


They of course have handled, sold, etc. many meteorites over the years. After inspecting it for about 20 minutes their conclusion: 85 to 90% probability it is a meteorite, therefore well worth the expense of getting it certified.

Visually it passes all the tests and visually it is a meteorite, but without spectrometer readings it is impossible to go beyond 90% certainty


So... now I have to find someone with a spectrometer designed to inspect rock.... and get it certified at a reasonable price.


There was another customer in the store at the time I let him inspect it as he showed interest. He is an old rock hound and also knows the market to some extent.

His reaction was; "you lucky dog, this looks like a really nice one. Likely worth 5 figures and possibly 6 figures".


I smiled and nodded as he handed it back to me. I smiled because that is not exactly true or possible to determine visually.

What a meteorite is worth is dependent on it's type and the rarity of that type. Of course all meteorites are rare, but some types are much rarer than others.

"Regular" meteorites might go for anywhere between $10 per gram to $75 per gram.

Rarer types like a "Pallasite Meteorite" which are full of beautiful Olivine crystals can be worth several 100 dollars per gram and even rarer types can be over $1000 per gram.


So in reality, even after you know you have a meteorite, you have no idea what it is worth until you know exactly what type you have.


Then there is this thing where you have to be willing to sell something you found for it to actually be worth money.... and I have great difficulty selling things I have found myself.

But never hurts to know for insurance :)

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