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  1. hahahaha.... the second vid is well done I am pretty sure that would be the reaction of any space traveler who found a car with an apparent driver belted into the drivers seat floating through space.
  2. If anyone missed the Falcon Heavy flight the video below is the launch and landings (booster landing phase begins at approx. 8:30 in time line) I have to say I have always found them landing the first stage very impressive..... seeing two of them come down side by side and landing successfully is amazing looking. But I think the best video is of Musk's reaction to the successful takeoff. I understand his relief, when you have designed or participated in the construction of something like the Falcon Heavy, you know all the things that can go wrong.... and it is a very long list of things that can spell doom to the vehicle. When everything goes correctly, and nothing fails it is a HUGE relief because as an engineer you know all the things that may not go correctly.
  3. oh I am late but Happy Birthday anyway!
  4. yeah it is insane how card prices jumped $300 for mid perf. cards and jumped $400 to $500 for higher performance cards.... Really I think a lot of people are going to get burned mining crypto currency with the Chinese and others building entire data centers dedicated to mining. Up until that very recent surge in bitcoin value for example, in the USA it was costing more in electricity costs to power mining machines than they could make due to numerous mining dedicated data centers making it extremely slow to mine. Then of course... after you have mined said net worth... getting someone to buy it without screwing you can be challenging also. I have talked to many who have ended up selling at a fraction of the "market value" because folks were slow to want it. Yes that changes... on a daily basis.... but it is not all done with the mining itself.
  5. I think the mining craze will die soon and things will adjust. If nothing is broken right now, I would not replace it. But if you have to... keep an eye out as there are still decent prices out there... they are just rare. I found a vendor on ebay who only wanted an extra 100 instead of 300 or 400 so they are out there.
  6. Ok Mh6 I stand corrected... this gtx1070 is not working hard at all to produce 100+ fps in planetside2... in fact, it is running at 49C with fan at 60% running 110 to 150fps.... that ole 7970 could do that also, but the fans were running at 100% and it was running in the mid 60's C So I am not even testing this 1070 card much at all in PS2
  7. No I use DVI and HDMI cables for my monitors, I was referring to the card when I used VGA as the motherboard has a status light for the graphics card labelled "VGA". It also has status lights for the CPU, Memory and power. I have set the gpu limit to 1794mhz as apparently changing anything in the monitoring utility just makes everything adjust to the maximum capability of the gpu in theory..... I find it interesting I ran it for 10 to 15 minutes this morning in Planetside 2 watching it closely... it was running the gpu at 1987mhz producing 100 to 160 fps (very good) while throttling the fan as needed and never got above 60C according to the monitor.... and it was very stable....that is very impressive if it isn't lying to me...not wanting to tempt fate...I manually set things to what they advertise as the OC speed. So far in gaming it seems about the same as the 7970 in fps, etc. but my 7970 used a lot more power than this uses and it produced a ton more heat than this 1070 produces. But that might change as I continue fine tuning things. One easy visual on how much less power this 1070 uses, it has one pci-e power connector... the 7970 had two pci-e power connectors. Also this GTX 1070 is relatively quiet compared to the ole 7970 which sounded much like a jet engine at full power off in the distance. Visually it is very rich, the 1070 is doing a bit better visually I think at producing reflective properties of surfaces than my 7970 did. While it is only a slight difference, it is a visually pleasing and noticeable difference.
  8. So Tues. morning my ole AMD HD 7970 OC card I installed in 2013 finally blew up.... it was a final catastrophic failure... complete with the dreaded "Green line screen of doom" created by vga failure. My RoG motherboard immediately indicated VGA failure with a large red LED that should have been green..... So I went on line to find a replacement... and was stunned by current prices. An EVGA GTX 1080 TI Hybrid that sold for $850 last October (friend bought one) now sells for $1399. A GTX 1070 that sold for $550 in 2017 now sells for $840... Apparently the crypto currency mining craze is buying big powerful vga cards faster than they can produce them... hence the price gouging by all... I was depressed... but kept looking around... went on Ebay and there before me... a new listing posted 5 minutes earlier came up for an Asus GTX 1070 Dual 08G card brand new in retail packaging for $625.... I of course grabbed that before it vanished.... After receiving the card and verifying its actual model, I am quite pleased to have gotten this card for $625 since on both Newegg and Amazon the cheapest price listed for it is $840. This is the Asus GTX 1070 dual fan OC card. (Model: DUAL-GTX1070-O8G) I have installed this GTX1070 and I am impressed with it. It runs nearly identical frame rates to my ole 7970 but is running much cooler. One thing that has me worried.. although I am not sure why I should be worried....is I have only changed the factory fan profile using the included vga monitor so that it goes to 100% fan speed at 65C instead of the factory 90C. Yet during gaming... the GPU is going to 1987mhz.... according to their release spec the OC should be going to 1771mhz.... The temperature never went above 60C so... apparently it is not hurting itself. If this is how this card is going to perform it is damn impressive....
  9. Yes but I think he is leaning more toward putting massive resources into developing the BFR .. I thought at this point they were only looking to returning the second stage faring for the Falcon's?
  10. Ok... here we go: Next Launch : Feb 06, 2018 01:30 PM | Rocket Launch: February 6, 2018 1:30 PM | SpaceX Falcon Heavy Inaugural Flight They have also confirmed that if it makes it up, they will be trying to land and recover all three first stages... going to be interesting.
  11. I am thinking this CPU is designed to be a very powerful number cruncher... ie. a bank of these cpu's for a super computer processing huge amounts of data for the sciences, etc. It might also be good at multitasking where multiple tasks requiring significant cpu threads/time simultaneously happens often. But I think this would be out of place in a desktop case right now... especially considering the memory latency issues if it is using both cores simultaneously... That could change if software engineers, coders, etc. discover significant enhancements to what they are building if they use those capabilities. I am thinking a desktop tower with 16 cores blazing away simultaneously on something could produces some very realistic simulators..... The problem would be getting a large enough part of the population to afford a cpu like that to make it worth them expending the significant resources and manhours to even try coding something like a game to use all of the cpu's capabilities.
  12. Interesting.... not a CPU I would want to pay for in a gaming rig... since for most games it has to tell windows it is only 8 cores and only use one of its two chips. It is very flexible since it can be switched from UMA to NUMA as needed for gaming but this CPU appears designed for things far beyond gaming. A gamer would never really use the capability of this CPU.
  13. I will try to post that when it is determined... so far no word on actual time. If it is in the evening the heavy should produce a pretty good light show... if it gets off the launch pad. I remember my Father telling me when a Saturn V rocket would lift off, he was at a launch and was I think 15 miles away yet the roar of those engines rattled his chest, shook the cars parked behind them, etc. While the Falcon Heavy is about half the thrust & mass at takeoff, it is still the largest rocket launched since the last Saturn V launched in 1973. Saturn V = total mass of 6,540,000 lb (2,970,000 kg) with thrust at lift off of 7,891,000 lbf (35,100 kN) Falcon Heavy = total mass of 3,132,301 lb (1,420,788 kg) with thrust at liftoff of 3,420,000 lbf 15,214 kN) IF Musk can get the BFR project going, that is estimated to have 11,800,000 lbf of thrust at lift off... that sucker is going to rattle things.
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