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  1. F18 SPARTA CENT edition (with formation lights enabled) Pics are clickable for 3440x1440
  2. We have been working on a general Sparta themed skin, initially for the F18. It's had input from a few people but there is a certain learning curve also so not every suggestion has been added yet, but everyone can have some input. F18 SPARTA Pics are clickable for 3440x1440
  3. i did a mini tour of some ww2 sites in the north of France last year and it was a massive honor to visit these places and just getting a tiny glimpse of what happened was very humbling indeed. i have been meaning to stick some pics and info in the forum.
  4. 33% off all versions at the moment you should be able to get 20% off with 100 uplay gold credit things as well https://store.ubi.com/uk/tom-clancy-s-the-division-2-tm-/5b06a3984e0165fa45ffdcc5.html?edition=Standard Edition
  5. cheers for heads up Rocky, didn't know about this. i do miss race nights but there are never as many peeps online like there used to be. the best game ive seen for tracks, cars, and multi player function and setup so far has been the current version of Forza. soo many cars and tracks it's in a different league to Grid, Shift, Project cars, all of which i played hundreds of hours between them, but want you to pay extra all the time for tracks and cars. will keep an eye out on the features for this
  6. got an auto 15 months ago from work, i do about 35k miles a year and have drove manual for 20 years but there is absolutely no downside that i can see from the automatic , will be disappointed if they get us manual cars next time. probably the same DGS gearbox in your new car VW/Skoda? i think we leased 35 cars and only 2 guys opted for manual, we are all under 60
  7. just for info, hardwire component drop locations for the project M grand Washington C Jefferson trade center B federal emergency bunker G Lincoln memorial H air and space museum K bank headquarters Invaded or non invaded on any difficulty will work
  8. been looking through commendations, only just realised that you have to claim the rewards by holding F on each one you have completed. Highly recommend that you wait until you are at Tier5 to collect the rewards, so that the Crates that you receive are more useful.
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