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IL2 Dedicated Server Setup


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1) Install Server in any directory ex: C:\Server

Server files are here: http://www.3dgamers.com/games/il2sturmovik2/


This one: http://www.3dgamers.com/dlselect/games/il2...ver204.exe.html Full 204 server install.


Note: For Pacific Fighters merged installation you will need a complete 2.04 version of Dedicated, then you can patch it to whatever version of Pacific Fighters Merged you`v been given.


For combined AEP+PF dedicated server:


Download and install patches -


303m over 204:




Then upgrade it to current version 304m with this patch:




Make correction and adjustments in the confs and confc files.


This version is compatible ONLY with 304m Clients!!!



For PF stand alone dedicated server:

Download and install first server v303 -



Then download and install patch 304 -




This version is compatible ONLY with 304 Clients!!!



2) Find il2server.exe and rename it to il2fb (For future references) After that copy Users folder from AEP installation in Server directory - You will need it for Hyperlobby.


For version 302b/302bm and up Find new exe and rename it to il2fb


3) Copy all your missions that you are planning to host in missions\net\dogfight\1,2,3 or 4 Or Create a new folder - your choice.


4) Right click server.cmd in dedicated server directory and select edit.

It will open as a text Doc. In this line:


mission LOAD net/dogfight/ 1/*insert your map here*


Example: mission LOAD net/dogfight/ dedicated/my_map1.mis


Save server.cmd


Later on i will explain how to include icons settings and all other cool stuff right into initial startup, not home right now, but will add to it. Going by memory hehe.


5) Open up confs.ini file


In the conf.ini file under the net section


speed=8000 (Depending on how many players - from 8k to 10k.


serverChannels=15 - How many users you hosting for.



SkinDownload=0 - you want this to be 0, trust me.






checkServerTimeSpeed=1 - server check against clinet.

checkClientTimeSpeed=1 - client check against server.

checkTimeSpeedDifferense=0.05 Difference in speed between server and client

checkTimeSpeedInterval=5 interval of client checks.


Following setting maybe a matter of personal preferences - meaning how much you can tolerate.

This is mine, works out great.








6) Also, in the main section you can add line difficulty=*number* About this number - here`s the trick:

Open up regular AEP and go to QMB. Setup difficulty as you would want on your server. hit Fly. Mission loads - exit. Go to Users\Doe directory in AEP and open up settings.ini file. Scroll down looking for [difficulty]. You will see two values net and single. Take the number under the single= and put it into server confs.ini file under main section...so it will look like this:


difficulty=*number that you generated*

Save confs.ini and you all done.



Start server by itself and make sure that map loads normally and everything is ok - no errors. Go to your gaming machine and start AEP. Go to Multiplayed and choose to join a server. Type IP address of your dedicated server and click join. Pick around see if you can join all bases ...etc etc.


When that is done, proceed to Hyperlobby. When Hyperlobby starts and connects....disconnect from it, but don`t close it.


Hold down CTRL and SHIFT keys and click connect. Game path selection window will pop up. Enter path to your il2fb.exe : C:\Server\il2fb.exe and click Save.


Join HL again and you good to go. Keep in mind that difficulty settings and ammount of players are not controlled from Hyperlobby, you will have to define all that in the confs.ini file as i described above.


For those who behind hardware firewalls, port21000 has to be authorized for TCP and UPD, otherwise nobody will join. Sometimes you might have to forward traffic to particular IP, but that depence on the router type and network setup. Strictly individual matter Big Grin


Attention to those Who is running Stand alone Pacific Fighter dedicated: Above instructions are applicable for both, Merged and Stand alone, with exception of installation part.

Stand alone Pacific Fighters server, current version 302b Does NOT require preinstalled dedicated 204. It`s a full blown server and ready to go. All you have to do is install dedicated 302b and then install 302b new exe and you are all set.




Edit : Here is the original thread link at Ubi forums by Ivan (need an account and login to view)


Thread link here > http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...m/692106434/p/1

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Figured out the Standalone and managed a test server!

I did however notice while digging for info on how to setup dedicated servers there is a DCG campaign standalone. I think it uses the exe from the game without the use of video so that you can use it on any old server. There isn't a whole lot on how to do this but if you use the GUI server interface that is out there you will see there is a check box for where the DCG is in your server files.


Basically it has campaign missions that show up as a dogfight server and you can vote on map changes from anywhere.




Hmm reading further on the topic I realized the DCG simply generates random Dogfight maps for your server (remotely) interesting.


Well I'm off to see if its possible to borrow some maps from 334th.


Cheers hope to fly with some of my old mates here.




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