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To find the servers, filter for "SPARTA" from the multiplayer tab.


The legion of Sparta plays two types of Arma game styles: Xeno's Domination (modified to spartas taste) and missions. Missions are always played in Veteran mode and under Tac conditions, with emphasis on movement and good comms. We are far from perfect, but we do our best. Domination is more relaxed, although we do try to organise our assaults so that we have a coordinated approach. From time to time we play Tactical Domination, where we play domination as though it were a Tac Mission. Your presence on our TS3 is mandatory to play on our servers. Join us on TS3.legionofsparta.net.


Two of the Legion of Sparta Arma servers run the Ace2 mod, and we only use the latest stable release. This can be downloaded from the link indicated below.


Sparta rules apply as always, but with regard to Domination make sure that the air assets are not used to the exclusion of infantry, and make sure the MHQ (if used) is kept safe. Always respect the other players, especially if a team is working together.


If there are any problems, please ask an admin, moderator or member for assistance; they will at the very least point you in the right direction.


Arma 2 OA mods and patches are available here.



Server IP: minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2400



A DNS entry has been made for the Minecraft server to be easily accessed.



The server map has been upgraded to DynMap, showing live updates. It is available here.




* Be Polite and enjoy your stay.

* Vulgarity, racism, prejudice, or griefing are not allowed.

* Do not abuse your membership or you may be banned.

* Feel free to build your own home. Be mindful of your fellow player's lawn so as not to encroach upon them.

* No stealing from your fellow player.

* Do not trespass. Get permission from players to enter their homes first.


Further discussion of Minecraft can be found it its forum.



Sparta's Shift 2 Speedwall


Shift is a very popular racing franchise, but Shift 2 has a variety of problems in multiplayer. For this reason, we have been having fun with Time Attack. A new track is selected every 2 weeks and we try to set the best possible time in each category of car; these are then posted on our own Speedwall. Every time the track is changed, a new challenge car is selected. The car chosen is not one that people would normally use. We hope to improve players track times, upgrading and tuning skills. This is open to everyone. the only rules are no wall-riding and no mods.


Add your time to the latest time attack post here (no mods allowed).



Spartans regularly play Left for Dead 2, and we use many custom maps which you may need to download. These can be downloaded here



This is a very popular RTS game at the Legion of Sparta. It is mostly played in co-op but some enjoy adversarial. There are a variety of mods and custom missions that can be downloaded here


Many members of the LOSC community play SWTOR on the Sith Meditation Sphere server, under the guild name "Ludicrous Speed".


If you are interested in joining us for some casual play fun, jump into the Teamspeak channel or find us in game to get an invite. More information can be found on the forums.