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Legion of Sparta


Formed in 2007, the Legion of Sparta is a community of mature gamers. It is an open community where both the novice and the skilled are welcome. This community has no ambitions beyond creating a friendly, mature gaming environment. We do not care about the size of our group nor our ranking in any game we play. There is no pressure here to become a member. The games we play and most of the forum are accessible to members and guests alike, even those who become members have no pressure to play on our servers or make donations.


The services we provide are funded by the admins and by voluntary contributions, you will never be asked for money here.


We play a wide variety of games, including FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, Flight Sims and Racing. The games include Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Company of Heroes, Left for Dead 2, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, Minecraft, Eve, and Shift 2 to name but a few.


Sparta has a quad-core dedicated server which currently hosts four Arma 2 OA servers, a minecraft server and a Teamspeak 3 (TS3) server. TS3 is our primary means of communication. For our private games your presence on TS3 is mandatory; it is also our principal means of communicating.We have a very active forum and website as well as a separate download site. Join us on our TS3 server at ts3.legionofsparta.net (over 18).


Regulars, members, moderators and admins all help to maintain a respectful gaming environment, whatever the game, and they also ensure that our TS3 server is equally well policed.


The Legion of Sparta is a global group, with most of our members residing in the UK and the US.


The Legion of Sparta does not have a single leader, it has an admin committee instead. This committee generally meets on the last Sunday of the month to review and discuss all matters pertaining to the group. The idea is to encourage collaboration in all aspects of our operations.