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Galaxy S III and Exynos 4Quad

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Sammy is kicking bad ass!


Check this out:



The new Exynos CPU and GPU is a total Monster. Galaxy S 3 could be public in May.


Once upon a time Apple was top with iPhone. Now their "innovation" is stagnant, protected by an electronic voice called SIRI, which is not even resident in the phone. You lose internet, bye-bye SIRI.


Retina display on 3.5"? It's so... obsolete :) Actually pushing all of that resolution on the iPad is not obsolete but quite useless anyway. especially for 9.something inches screen.


can t wait to see this new Sammy jewel around!

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Also something you did not mention is the Exynos-4 4412 (4 core) CPU/GPU is pin for pin compatible with the 4212 (2 core) currently in the Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note.


It looks like the S3 will be announced early may at the next big mobile phone event.

So it looks like later in October when Jellybean comes to town so will the Note2 sporting the S3 new CPU 4412.


Of course this is all delayed for real people so the S3 will hit october'ish & the Note2 in 2013.


But the new 4412 processor is a chip off the Tegra 3 world.


exciting !

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