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Samsung galaxy S 2 - 30 hrs in standby.. or more

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hi guys,


Sometimes ppl with hi-end Smartphones complaines about Battery life. I found a solution I wan t to share with you.


My Galaxy S 2 in general has a very good battery life> of course it depends on usage but let s say just as standby i can easily achieve around 15 hrs standby.


I noticed tho that a lot depends on your location and how hard the radio needs to work to provide the Internet connection.

At my home i have excellent coverage and my phone easily goes 15 - 18 hrs standby with all the radio active. On the other hand i was going nuts because at my office, in my room I have horrible reception (phone is fine, Internet is bad) and my battery was gone in 6 hours!!!.


I was trying to limit the active connections to the minimum but then i discovered that the massive work the radio tries to do "just to get the Internet connection" was draining my battery.


My solution has been to shut down the 3G radio when at the office. for 8 hours is no more a "smart" phone but just a phone... or i take a walk outside to take a break and I turn the radio on again... I mean, i do not really need my phone to struggle for the intenrnet when I have the internet on my PC for 8 hrs.


As a result, got almost 30 hrs standby. So if you have any similar issue, do not go nuts to find what process in background try to use internet... just shut down the radio and your battery will be happy ;)

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If you have an Android phone, in general settings are usually the same for every phone.


Every phone has several "radios". 1 Radio take care of phone voice and SMS, 1 take care of 3G, 1 (optional) take care of 4G or other Hi_speed wireless network, 1 take care of WiFi, 1 is GPS and finally 1 take care of bluthoot.


As a rule of thumb, don t have radios on you are not using (shut down BT if you have no devices connected).


Depending on how the connectivity for the basic 3G is (see my example with my office), you may want shut down that radio.


Go to SETTINGS and then to WIRELESS AND NETWORK (name can be different but that s the concept), then find MOBILE NETWORKS and there you should see your DATA provider or simply the 3G connection and the option to turn it on/off.


Of course your phone stays fully operative for voice and SMS but you will not have sort of internet updates (such us push emails, gadgets updates and so forth), but that translate in an 80% battery saving.


I shutted down my radio today at 10 am when i got at the office and it was 99% and right now while I am typing it s 6.23 pm (8 hrs and 20 minutes later) it is at 96%. Going ahead like this, it could last for 3 days :)

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This also applies to phones trying to connect the old way when your signal is low. I've got an older Samsung phone, and I'll get a nice couple of DAYS when it sits in airplane mode. In general, the two things that eat power is the screen, followed by wireless transmit/receivers.

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