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RIP Sabine Schmitz

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Today I read about the passing of Sabine Schmitz at the Age of 51.


Many car enthusiasts in Britain, including me,  discovered her when she appeared on Top Gear teaching Jeremy Clarkson how to get around the Nordschliefe in under 10 minutes in a diesel Jag. After many attempts he managed it, then Sabine went out and beat the time by a lot, she almost beat that time again in an unmodified diesel Transit van.


After seeing her I was motivated to try the track myself in my RX8. That same day I was lucky enough to ride with her in the v10 M5 Ring Taxi, she always seemed happy and had a perpetual grin on her face.


Her accolades are many, those of you that know about her don't need me to espouse them. If your interested in motorsport and the Nurburgring North Loop (Nordschliefe) I urge you to take moment to research her.


So young.


Sadly another motorsport icon, Murray Walker, also passed away. He was a huge fan of F1 and his commentary imparted his huge enthusiasm and excitement to every race. He was 95.



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