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I've put up a new Exile server for anyone that wants to play. Exile is a survival/PVP mod for ArmA 3 similar to DayZ (but much better in my opinion)


We are playing on the Tanoa map so Arma 3: Apex DLC is required. The Tanoa map is gorgeous though.



I have added mods to give us the following:


AI-driven Missions and Objectives

Good way to get loot and test out your new weapons. Bandits and survivors will also spawn throughout the map for general world events.

Zombies & Infection

Pills can temporarily prevent infection from killing you, but a permanent cure is more rare. You can buy both at the trader, though a permanent cure is not cheap.


Maximum 1 revive per 'life'. Once your revive is used up, your next death is going to be a respawn! Defibrillators are required and can be purchased at trade depot. They also have a small chance to spawn at medical facilities.

Tow Ropes & Slingloads


How to Join


Note: Our server requires that you have the APEX DLC for ArmA 3. Please install this first.


  • Download A3Launcher
  • Type 'LOSC' into the Name filter and click Apply.
  • Click the Download button to download all the mods required to join our server. It is the button highlighted in red in this image:




Steam will begin downloading the mods (go into Steam, click Library, then click Downloads to see progress).


  • Once the mods are done restart A3Launcher. Our server will now have a triangle Play button next to it. Press it to join!
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