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I hate my computer

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Windows 7 64-bit

MSI P67A-C43 (B3)

i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz


- -314.07 WHQL

- -MSI Afterburner

- -Overclocked

- - -1.025v

- - -800 MHz Core

- - -2000 MHz Memory

Fan Speed unlocked

No Sound Card

8gb RAM (DDR3?)

850W Thermaltake


Yay Crysis 3! So after pre-emptively packing away my computer to move it soon, I was prompted to unpack it to play again (also, I've been desperately bored without a gaming system at home). Install, driver update, start game, and oh no...I got through 1/2 the tutorial when it killed my graphics card like it used to with BF3. I solved that one by upping the voltage on my GPU through EVGA Precision. A glance there showed me that my whole card was declocking itself down to 1v and 51MHz core. A lot of trial and error this afternoon has led me through driver swaps, driver cleaning, adding my 2nd and 3rd monitor back in, uninstalling Precision for Afterburner, messing with GPU-Z, more driver nonsense, Nvidia Control Panel nonsense, and lots of resets. Not in that order.


The biggest WTF factor was that it continued to constantly reset even when sitting idle at the desktop. When it was under load by even so much as youtube, it would crash and re-load giving me sound but not video. Attempts at using programs to reset clock speeds or disable power savings resulted in throttling back to the low end anyways. Whatever I read, people pointed at the BIOS and that it was un-changeable without serious know-how.


Now I'm at a loss for what to do. My 570 has given me enough trouble that I'm tempted to pull it from the gaming system. Replaced by a 600 series, maybe the Titan, or just swap to ATI/AMD. Which starts pointing at going balls to the wall with an entirely new epic system from the ground up, taking only the 570 to use as extra monitor outlets.


Bah. I have to move before I do any of that nonsense.

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I think I had a simular issue 2 years ago... ended up bbeing the power supply.


Question... Does that motherboard have onboard video?

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