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  1. AJsarge

    Arma 3

    From my few hours inside the editor, It doesn't seem like BIS has done much besides graphics engine updates (better graphics for near-same performance costs as A2, render to texture for mirrors or video screens, and more) , the flight model that I only see a little bit of (ground effect is in play, tail rotor on the littlebird has more authority at high speed), and ragdoll/physX implementation (enemies crumple nicely when shot while standing, but a few glitches when they're killed while crouching). What is present throughout, is a whole new level of polish that Arma 2 never had. The Stance Adjust system, though still buggy and with room to be changed, gives the me same sense of cover/shooting options as if I was playing paintball in real life. The responsiveness of the mouse and tweaking of weapon/building collision makes CQB fully possible now. The different movement speeds tied into the stance system allow you to fluidly move through a battlefield while still being able to shoot unexpected enemies or sprint from cover to cover. AI is improved. I've been using the Urban Patrol Script to set up small SP scenarios, and I see AI running across bridges, running into/through houses (when doors are open), and up/down the stairs into Marina's riverbed. The future-war setting is off-putting to some who want modern weapons and vehicles, but I expect the mod community to step up and get working soon. With the new character system, It will be easier for modders to add new uniforms, armor, and accessories. Same for weapons if BIS changes how the attachments are handled. For being in Alpha, it's looking amazing. If you're not happy now, shelve it for a few months until the Beta rolls in or it's fully released.
  2. Windows 7 64-bit MSI P67A-C43 (B3) i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz EVGA GTX 570 - -314.07 WHQL - -MSI Afterburner - -Overclocked - - -1.025v - - -800 MHz Core - - -2000 MHz Memory Fan Speed unlocked No Sound Card 8gb RAM (DDR3?) 850W Thermaltake Yay Crysis 3! So after pre-emptively packing away my computer to move it soon, I was prompted to unpack it to play again (also, I've been desperately bored without a gaming system at home). Install, driver update, start game, and oh no...I got through 1/2 the tutorial when it killed my graphics card like it used to with BF3. I solved that one by upping the voltage on my GPU through EVGA Precision. A glance there showed me that my whole card was declocking itself down to 1v and 51MHz core. A lot of trial and error this afternoon has led me through driver swaps, driver cleaning, adding my 2nd and 3rd monitor back in, uninstalling Precision for Afterburner, messing with GPU-Z, more driver nonsense, Nvidia Control Panel nonsense, and lots of resets. Not in that order. The biggest WTF factor was that it continued to constantly reset even when sitting idle at the desktop. When it was under load by even so much as youtube, it would crash and re-load giving me sound but not video. Attempts at using programs to reset clock speeds or disable power savings resulted in throttling back to the low end anyways. Whatever I read, people pointed at the BIOS and that it was un-changeable without serious know-how. Now I'm at a loss for what to do. My 570 has given me enough trouble that I'm tempted to pull it from the gaming system. Replaced by a 600 series, maybe the Titan, or just swap to ATI/AMD. Which starts pointing at going balls to the wall with an entirely new epic system from the ground up, taking only the 570 to use as extra monitor outlets. Bah. I have to move before I do any of that nonsense.
  3. From the PS4 announcement they made, they're saying it'll be a MMOFPS. If they're going to hold true to their 10-year plan, it will be epic. But, I am saddened that it's console-only right now. Here's to epicness in the making, and I'm going to jump on the ship.
  4. I get the feeling that MH6 received an email with that message, and the form was attached. The standalone looks great, and I can't wait for it to release. Even if I don't play it much, I think BIS is a group that's worth supporting.
  5. At the end, it shows that Crysis 3 will be released for X360 and PS3 as well as PC. How many bets that 1/2 the features in the tech video will not be present in the console versions?
  6. This is just one sign of the change in command that's happening all over the military. Old giants like him are leaving, and younger men are taking over. We've gone from the vietnam-era of leadership to the gulf war-era. Views are different, and the leadership styles too. But despite the change, it's sad to hear the passing of those who have put their entire lives into the defense of this nation. Now the army needs to name their next MBT after him. I figure it's a fit honor for one of the best generals of the time.
  7. It's nice that I don't have to deal with wearing them on Mondays, but I don't wear them all that often anyways so it's not a big deal to me. What I was annoyed with is when they outlawed black boots and shirts for flyers. That looked professional, compared to the green, fuzzy, I-don't-take-care-of-them-because-I-don't-have-to boots and "sand-colored" t-shirts. Until I see "Men" in ABU's doing something other than supporting the end result of a plane putting a bomb on someone's face (Except for the offensive Security Forces people who kick in doors and kill badguys), I'll keep my flight suit. And you can't diss it until you have to download a plane full of cargo, upload a plane load of cargo, finish within the hour, and wear a flight suit while helping in balls-hot Kuwait or Guam. No rolling sleeves or tying the top half around your waist.
  8. According to an article on Stars & Stripes and word-of-mouth through my own unit, the USAF is ending the mandatory wear of the AF blue service uniform on Mondays. General Welsh (Head USAF general) made the decision to allow the MAJCOM commanders their choice on the matter. From the article, USAFE and PACAF (my command) extended that choice to their Wing commanders. As of right now, I'm no longer required to wear my service uniform on Mondays. Instead I get to wear my ABUs/Flight Suit. Now they just need to extend some of the uniform requirements out of the Air Force-level 36-2903 clothing reg and give the MAJCOMs/wings more say in what their airmen wear. I miss my shiny black boots and squadron t-shirts for aircrew. Now I won't even be wearing the boots on Mondays with my blues.
  9. One of the first things to go in a Fight/Flight scenario is your reasoning ability. People train over and over so that they react with the correct response when there isn't any time to think about your actions. In the video, you can see that the pilot does all manner of things to help get them safely to the ground, but doesn't say anything. When the backseater starts bugging him about the engine fire, the pilot's 10 steps ahead and tells the WSO "Shut up, I got it." Which is really bad juju, but sometimes necessary when the extra chatter is hurting the situation. Mad props to the pilot for having massive Situational/spacial awareness and getting the plane back to the airfield instead of ditching it and letting it burn a hole into a neighborhood. About the accident itself: Bird strikes do happen, occasionally. But something like this is extremely rare. A flock like this is what took down an E-3 AWACS with all crew aboard in Alaska, and the same kind of flock was the cause of the Hudson Bay landing. Even taking something as small as a Sparrow to the engine is cause to turn around right there. It's a moment of terror when you hear someone on the flight deck say "Bird..." on takeoff, and relief when the rest of that sentence is "...low, no factor."
  10. Heh. I'm AJsarge, NC, Mattherson. Running with the Blue Lions.
  11. Well that solves that problem. I picked up a Sig Sauer 516 (Not to be confused with the HK 416) the other day. $1,250 for a $1,650 weapon. $550 for an EOtech 517, $365 for 1,000rds .223, another $150 or so for magazines, and $650 for a safe. Which I have yet to be called that they've pulled it out of the warehouse...so I've got the rifle stashed a bit oddly. Now to go to the range and shoot it.
  12. If the offer still stands for the DPMS in trade, find out the exact model. Go online and search for how much new/used cost. Add in any accessories that have been added to the rifle, and get a good estimate for it before you agree. Also, think about the transfer. Look at your local state laws to make sure everything is legal.
  13. The setting looks good, and it'll be cool to see the entire storyline. Naughty Dog were the developers of Uncharted, and this looks like it's shaping up to be a similar game style. Which isn't bad. I'm looking forward to it.
  14. AJsarge

    Halo 4

    I have. It was good.
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