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  1. Hey Rooster. I am guilty of non participation in our group lately myself. Work go home, Work Go home..... Playing games like Valheim and Ghost Recon Breakpoint World Of WarShips. Fishing and work has really been my deal!
  2. Wow we had capri's show up in the 80's that were the same body style as the 80 Mustangs. If we ever have a massive solar flare that emitted EMP waves we all would be driving cars of that age.
  3. Happy trip around the Sun Mister!!!!
  4. Did not know of her till this. Shame, she was very talented. Cancer is a true bitch!
  5. Happy Birthday Old Man!!!! Hahaha Feels like I have known you for 41 years!
  6. Post user names please: Halli_SPARTA coolhand831 Bmushal Pitdog
  7. Happy Birthday EMT and Hunter!!!!!! Hope you fellows have a great year around the sun!!!!!
  8. Ill get it downloaded tonight. As my internet had been down since Christmas I'm in Nashville.
  9. A few of the Tennessean's have been playing 7 Days to die on and off. All Spartans are welcome. There is a safe house built with massive weapons and ect stock piled, Get with Pitdog Pitdog has a server up till Feb anyhow PVE currently Search name Pittdog on server Password is ilbt21
  10. That Mortar bunker has more range than I expected. Is the 105 the one at the British base?
  11. Memoria to Maj3tic

    Good bye friend it was great being apart of your life!

    1. NoScream~SPARTA~


      I know, so many good times on the games, playing Division etc... and he's gone to the place in the sky... looking down on us all...


      RIP friend

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