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  1. Many happy returns bud
  2. Nice collection they all look very interesting, but you can never have enough 👍
  3. Custardicus C3nturionSPARTA Forrester_sparta Gunthar Luggs58774 Samurai_SPARTA BidenCheated Cylawyer Floydac SanjuroSensei
  4. Thanks for all the tips guys 👍 had some excellent games with Cent and Samurai this evening. A pity the snow stopped falling, I could have had a day off ranking up
  5. After the latest update @Cent~SPARTA~ discovered that refining tasks that are underway or complete persist and nothing has been lost, this is most excellent 👍
  6. Cent checking out Luggs spiffy mining outfit CMulti crew mining in the Mole with Cent and Luggs
  7. Mining guide taking in recent changes
  8. I think it would be cool if possible to have a multi axled trailer with the front axle able to rotate like a bogie and the drawbar either an A frame or a swan neck
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