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  3. Happy Year around the Sun Cent!!!!!
  4. Adder and I have been training to improve our BVR technique using the F18, F15 and the F22 mod. I am also using the F16 as well. So far we have practiced on big IL76 transport planes and armed Mig 29s. We have an AWACS and the F18 and F16 have datalink. I am barely 1 for 1 against the Mig 29s, Adder is much better. We use the IL76 to get the longest range lock but they are very robust, 4 engine jets. Even when they have lost 3 engines and are on fire they do not die. I attacked 4 IL76s with an F16, I shot 4 Aim 120C AMRAAMs, 2 Aim 9x Sidewinders and all my 20mm rounds yet 1 still limped away in a shallow dive. It did eventually succumb to its wounds when it ran out of altitude before it could land.
  5. Whilst chatting with Custard I stated that the Rafale was not as good as the Typhoon as it could only be configured for one mission at a time. I was wrong. Both plane had the same starting point as France was initially part of the Eurofighter consortium. But they decided to go alone quite early, however the design concepts for both have the same point of origin. The Rafale differs since it was conceived as a multirole aircraft early on where the Typhoon was more of an interceptor, but later adapted to multirole. This is exemplified by its superior power to weight ratio, high altitude manoeuvrability. The big advantage the Typhoon can have is with situational awareness, if I understood correctly it can use datalink to share information about the battlespace. The Rafale has beaten the Typhoon in almost every export sales competition. But who knows what political shenanigans went on there. There are implications of bribery in the Indian purchase, and I understood that the swiss were originally going to buy the Rafale, but switched to the Gripen at the time I was given to believe that also involved bribery allegations. Finally there is a carrier version of the Rafale They are both capable planes, with the Rafale having the edge in some areas and the Typhoon in others.
  6. cool! Ventoux is definitely on my bucket list.
  7. Stage 11 of the Tour de France is in my neighbourhood today, Sorgues to Malaucene, with a double ascent of Mont Ventoux. I have been to all of these places on my bike, I live 5km from Isle sur la Sorgue. The roads around Ilse sur la Sorgue were already full of spectators and Gendarmes at 08:30 this morning, the stage didnt start until midday.
  8. Ground Crew Connect Ground Power Ground Crew Connect Ground Air Jester Start up Acknowledge Jester "Loud and Clear" Arm Ejection Seat (top of seat back) Wait for Jester to close canopy Crank Right Engine Switch Right Click (LM) Left click on Right Throttle (LM) Crank Left Engine Switch Left Click (LM) Left click on Left Throttle (LM) Jester INS Fine "AFCS Stab Aug" (LM) Pitch Left Click Roll Left Click Yaw Left Click Turn on Radio and set to Manual or Preset (LM) Reset Altimeter Right Click hold (F) Uncage RADAR Alt (F) Uncage Standby Attitude (F) Turn on Displays (FR) VDI Left Click HUD Left Click HSD Left Click Reset Gun Ammo Counter (620/670 actual) (FR) Push wing sweep lever forward and press down (right click) Close wing sweep cover Air Source to Both Engines (RM) Ground Crew Disconnect Ground Power Ground Crew Disconnect Ground Air Taxi to runway (keep wings swept to avoid damage) On runway/Catapult Master Reset (FL) Set Wing Sweep to Auto mode (map a key or switch on the HOTAS I use LAlt+W) Right Click Antiskid/Spoilers to Both (FL)
  9. A bit of general information The ABRIS will be in Russian unless you go to options/gameplay/avionics/english For Specific planes you should go to options/special click on plane then set customized cockpit to english Right Control C to close door Note for most switches up is on apart from Ekran Hyd Trans Pwr, also this is procedure is organised in a sweeping pattern which is not in the correct order, for example after turning off the APU shutoff you should start the APU to save the battery from draining. Right Side Batteries 1+2 AC Sys Gen LH RH Fuel Pumps FWD AFT Fuel QTY OPER Right Click (Fire Exiguisher) Fuel Shutoff Left Right Fuel Shutoff APU IFF NAV EEG LH RH Radio Switches 6 Ejection arm 3 Col Beacon Standby SAI INU L-140 Ekran Hyd Trans Pwr Datalink Master Mode to Com if lead ship Autopilot All blue buttons on except Alt Hold Front Abris Left Side Start APU K-041 Rotor Brake off Turbo Gear to LH Start Monitor RPM to 20% Engine Cutoff Valves LH up Monitor to 70% Turbo Gear to RH Start Monitor RPM to 20% Engine Cutoff Valves RH up Monitor to 70% Throttle up (Page Up twice) APU Shutoff Fuel Shutoff APU down (Right Panel) Wait 150 seconds to align INU If there are any errors please let me know.
  10. Happy belated, hope you had a good one
  11. This is a very helpful video by a real chopper pilot helping to understand the different phases involved in landing a chopper, explaining the mistakes you are probably making.
  12. I have been practicing take off and landing with my choppers and the Harrier. I have the Ka50, the Huey and now the Hind. I managed to take off from Batumi and land on carriers about 12 miles out to sea. The landing were not in precise locations, anywhere on the Kuznetzov or Stennis was good enough. For this practice mission I added more ships with smaller landing areas, if I ever manage to improve my skill at this phase of flight.
  13. I tried the Mk20 Rockeye cluster bomb (aka CBU 100) using the F18 and it is spectacular. I need to use these more often for convoys and any gatherings, the area effect is devastating.
  14. Another community project, the JAS 39C Gripen mod. Initially it is a simple flight model using the F15 (Air to Air) and SU25T (Air to Ground). So you can fly the Air to ground version for free, but you must own the F15C from Flaming Cliffs 3 for the Air to Air version. The are actively working on the mod. They are currently developing the exterior flight model, the interior graphical quality as well as making it fully clickable. The Gripen is a fantastic plane and I look forward to the development of this mod, however I did have problems with braking and the chute. I used one of the longest runways on the planet to land on so the poor brakes were not a fatal problem. And now the mandatory beauty shots!
  15. nice, realy like the shuttle it looks very shuttley!
  16. A couple of years ago I built a Klingon inspired ship. At the time I built several ships that were capable of landing on 1g planets. Some used atmospheric /ion thrusters, but this one used hydrogen/ion thrusters which accelerated faster. At first it had two stock large Hydrogen tanks which was just enough to land or take off from a 1g planet. For space it carries its own 5x5 driller (which has to be left in space), a space welder (docked underneath upside down, how far space engineers has come that a ship docked underneath can survive a re-entry and landing), an atmospheric driller docked on one wing and a newly designed shuttle docked on the other. It has a refinery and cargo space as well as cryo chambers. It also has 4 jump drives. It now has 4 of adders liquid hydrogen tanks, so it has much better loiter time on a planet. Before you had to aim to land on a lake. It can use parachutes to help take off a bunch of speed, useful with the speed mod. Here you can see the driller docked at the rear. This is the atmospheric small driller docked on one wing. And this is my new shuttle with working air lock. Here is the space welder, docked upside down.
  17. This car actually has modern indicators, traficators were the little arms with yellow lights that popped out from between the doors of cars like the Morris Minor. I guess indicators were still new then so they called them the same name. It must be right as this is the Institute of Advanced Motorists. A couple of things, when on the motorway he flashes, then honks the car in front to get out of the way. I would never do that, flashing a couple of times should be enough, if you need to do more the guy in front is probably doing it deliberately. I liked the 2 finger salute when he passed, but did not understand the reference.
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