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  2. More practice landing the Spitfire and the Mustang. I managed to land the Spitfire the two times I tried. Although visually the attempts were successful, both times the plane wandered around in circles scraping a wing after I landed, but apart from a bit of paint they were n worse for the wear. In this image it appears I have guided the plane off of the runway to a service area, in reality it has spun more than 450 degrees. When I landed the the Mustang I found a few bursts of the 6 50 cals stopped her nicely. This was just a weapon test.
  3. I have been practicing landing with my beautiful Spitfire and Mustang, As I expected the Mustang was relatively easy to land, you just have to manage the braking pulses so that it doesn't tip forward and break the propeller. The Spitfire was much harder but not for the reason I expected, if you weren't careful with the speed it would stall by rolling onto a wing. I found it hard to judge as a 3 point landing requires a stall so that the plane drops gently onto its undercarriage. I tried 3 landings 2 looked like this The best I managed ended like this, which was not a write off Anyway, practice makes perfect, so I will try a few landings a day until I get it, then I will practice the take offs. I have managed to start up and take off in a Mustang, but all attempts in the Spitfire result in a crash before the plane gets off the ground.
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  5. Hey Rooster. I am guilty of non participation in our group lately myself. Work go home, Work Go home..... Playing games like Valheim and Ghost Recon Breakpoint World Of WarShips. Fishing and work has really been my deal!
  6. Hey Rooster, As Zeno say's we are no where near the previous numbers but we do still dabble in the online gaming world. Myself and Luggage play Post Scriptum and there is a group of us playing Warthunder. A number of us have Star Citizen accounts, Elite Dangerous and DCS. Drop into the TS server (UK from 7pm onwards) and there is normally someone about
  7. Another free Mod has recently been added (only works in open beta 2.7), it is the Boeing T45 Goshawk USN trainer. The Goshawk is derived from the BAe Hawk RAF trainer modified for naval operations and different avionics. It is free and does not require the purchase of any Flaming Cliff 3 planes, so completely standalone. As a navy trainer it is carrier capable (can interact with both the free Carrier that comes with DCS World and the Supercarrier). It is a two seat trainer and the first free Multicrew aircraft, where both the front seat trainee and the rear seat trainer can operate the plane. It is a work in progress so this functionality is not without flaws at the moment. As you can see it is really good looking. With the addition of this plane there are now 4 completely standalone free mods DCS The Douglas A4 Skyhawk, one the first standalone free mods and therefore the most developed. The Lockheed C130 Hercules. Still early in its development but the team are constantly updating it. And the Embraer A29, also under constant development. The Aeromacchi MB339 was not updated to DCS 2.7, but may be in the future. It is such a high quality model that it was ported to MSFS 2020 as Payware. So if you enjoy flying on a budget here are four planes you can fly for free to go along with the SU25T and TF51 Mustang. BEWARE These planes are like gateway drugs! Once your hooked the budget goes out of the window!
  8. We are still here, but nowhere near as popular as we were in the ArmA heyday. The most active people are playing Warthunder (tanks). You should be able to see if people are on TS using the forum home page, Browse tab. Teamspeak is shown on the right.
  9. Hey! So, it's been upwards of 10 years now since my brief stint playing with SPARTA (never formally applied though). I'm surprised my forum account was still here, though I go by other aliases these days. Anyways, I've been on the lookout for a gaming group again and just wanted to drop in and see who all was still active here. Although I wasn't around too long, I still have fond memories of Arma 2 ACE "War in Takistan" with Jeff, Hajimoto, Zeno, Reconman, Frenchie, and several others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Who's still active? What games is everyone playing? Am I shouting into the void? Me personally, I was kinda curious looking into Arma again thus why I figured I'd stop here first. I don't think I've touched Arma 3 in any significant way, and definitely haven't even installed or launched it since Apex came out. Though I've played (and continue to play) plenty of other games over the years. Squad, Post Scriptum, Ground Branch, Hell Let Loose, etc. I've had my eyes on DCS and Falcon 4 BMS for some time too, but getting an affordable HOTAS these days is nigh impossible. Anyway, just checking in to say "Hi". If there's a good day/time to hop on TS and shoot the shit, let me know.
  10. I bought the Spitfire Mk 9 and the Mustang P51D so that I can practice engine management, on the ground and in the air. I have taken off in the Mustang, but I do not think I could in the Spitfire because of its stupidly narrow undercarriage. In the air the Spitfire is a treat. The F3 key shows the external flyby view. The noise the planes make when they fly by is magnificent. I hit F3 a lot
  11. It was the British Mustang, in the UK at the time there were few engines that were bigger. All the 250 series Ferraris were 3 litres, eventually when the Rover V8s took hold there was a bigger engine in the UK at 3.5 Litres. Jaguar had 3.8 to 4.2 Litre straight sixes. So the 3 litre V6 was huge, especially since, on the whole, engines were wheezy, long stroke 4 cylinders. Funnily enough, although my car was called the Mk 1 Capri, it was not the first Capri. Early in the 60s Ford launched the Consul Capri. It was a good looking coupe. It was a sales failure because of the success of the Anglia and the Cortina. My dad worked for Ford, so we had a bunch of them, my dad had the Poplar, the 100E and 105E Anglia, the latter being the first car a ever drove.
  12. Wow we had capri's show up in the 80's that were the same body style as the 80 Mustangs. If we ever have a massive solar flare that emitted EMP waves we all would be driving cars of that age.
  13. As a young man I was very impressed by the Capri and wanted one. I promised myself that after 3 years of work I would buy either the 3 litre Capri or a Lotus Elan. Well I kept my promise and bought myself a 3 Litre Capri GT XLR. Sadly I had 2 accidents in it, one rear resulted in rear damage (I was hit in the back) and one front damage (my fault). I was in the process of fixing the car (on the street) so I had taken the bumpers off, then when I was driving I was stopped by the police and received 5 convictions related to the car. Not long after, it was stolen (with my tools in it), never to be seen again. It was a bit of a beast, with a very loose tail end and skinny tyres (by todays standards). After the convictions and the theft I found it hard to insure a powerful car so my next car was a Mk 3 Ford Cortina 1600 GL. So not my best experience but I was still happy to have had one. Here is a fantastic example of this car, it is in very good condition.
  14. New clouds for open Beta 2.7. They are rather nice.
  15. Happy Birthday dude! hope your doing well, what ever your up to!
  16. Happy trip around the Sun Mister!!!!
  17. The Embraer A29 Super Tucano has been updated, amongst the updates is a new prop animation. The quality is getting up there and they seem dedicated to the project. National pride I guess. I really like the idea of trainers, it makes it a bit easier to learn the basic principals of weapon systems. I look forward to a Hawk or Goshawk for DCS as well.
  18. Did not know of her till this. Shame, she was very talented. Cancer is a true bitch!
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