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Broken headset need help


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My son managed to break my gaming headset that I have had for the last 2 years (Logitech G35) :ranting2: :poster_oops: . I need a replacement STAT before I start suffering from withdraw. Products, prices and things that you like and dont like would be appreciated.



I think I am starting to twitch already.... and it is getting cold, very cold :help: .

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buy the same again if you liked it? :)


personally i'd get some studio headphones and a $5 desk mic or clip on mic :)


Speaking from personal experience, the studio headset and desk mic combo is a bad idea. Too many problems and your voice quality is horrendous.

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I do not use fancy headphones, my model is a very light and simple one, 15 bucks. What i like in it is that instead to go over head it goes behind your neck. Microphone is decent, but for sure i have no "Hi-Fi Surround Sound" .. it is what it is :)


I know hajimoto has a very good one, you may wanna ask him :)


This is what i got:



Then, you wanna be fancy and buy the exact same shit BUT with a Logitech Brand, get this :)



However, they are nice and light. I cannot stand those big heavy stuff on my head :)

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i really dont care for names.... it is all about the QUALITY. I am still a bit of an audiophile and for as much as I use them they absolutely have to be comfortable... something that is very subjective.


i bought the G35 cause at the time it was one of the best, but 2 years have past by and if there is a better set out there I want to know about it.

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I use the Turtle Beach HPA2 or HPX Tournament True 5.1 Headset. True 5.1 simply means that your sound ports/card must have Front, Rear, Center/SUB outs.

Each ear cup has four drivers, Front, Rear, Center and a Sub. The microphone is is very good and comes with an 'S' filter (foam cover) thwart air buffeting.

The HPX Tournament was replaced by the Z6A. The specs are exactly the same as in the same number channels per ear cup and so forth.

I have tried the new Z6A Headphones personally and love them. I have two sets of HPX Tournaments and they work awesome (1 set has been in use everyday for the past 4 years),

but when they finally check out, I will be upgrading to the Z6A.

Medic, Grizz and Kdog254 own and use this daily and love them.



Below I have provided you with photos and descriptions of the HPA2/HPX and The new Z6A. Please note the photos are live links to redirect you to Turtle Beach's interactive products page as well as the latest PC Gamer review of the Z6A (March 2012 Issue).


HPA2/HPX Tournament 5.1


Z6A 5.1


PC Gamer Review March 2012 screenshot2012020319503.jpg




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it is all about the QUALITY.... audiophile...


you might know how good Beyer phones are, they were nice enough to attach a mic to a set:

http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/gaming/mmx-300.html :thumbsup:



as much as i've drifted from creative, they are releasing a new headset this comming week: http://overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=SP-162-CL

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Logitech G930 wireless 7.1 surround sound headset. Basically the G35, but wireless. Approximately $119-149.


I HIGHLY recommend them.


I recommend the G930 as well. It took Logitech some time to sort out drivers issues when they integrated the G930 software into the same package as the software for the G13/G510 (along with a few other things), but they are once again working great.


The battery lasts just long enough for a full day of use (up to 12 hours for me in some situations). I just charge it up every night and I am good to go.

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