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A BAD one just for u fellas







hahahahhahahahha hahahahahaah take a breath ahahahahahahaha

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Until the philosophy witch hold one race

superior and another inferior.

is finally

and permenantly DISCREDITED and ABONDONED


That until there are no longer first class

And second class citizens of any nation

Until the colour of a man's skin

Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes



That until the basic human rights are equally

Guaranteed to all, without regard to race


That until that day

The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship

Rule of international morality

Will remain in but a fleeting illusion

To be persued, but never attained



Of good over evil,


Marley. b.



(there are no kings amongst us my oppinion)



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(this brings me somewhere ..)


imagine you are travelling on foot thru a rainforrest or ..




chills down your neck and spine..

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