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F111F Project Update

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General Dynamics F-111F "Aardvark"





First off thought I'd consolidate and make one place where people can easily find info on this project and get updates as this further develops.


Where are we?


    As you can see above we have a very usable, flyable, and fun model to play with.
  • -Really nice model especially considering most plane models are also left over from either OFP or ArmA 1. This wasn't an exception, originally made for OFP by Skairco. ANZAC mod has some vast improvements especially in the cockpit!
  • -Drawback, old model and some deprecated parts and pieces to it. Some parts jsut wont do what we want without some re-fit.
  • -New Model is already in the works! But the new model is far from being in the game. There's ALOT to do, from LOD's of what you view at distances, shadow LOD, Geometery, Fire, etc etc. Each a model by itself! Some simple, some not so simple!


New model, not much detail but at least you can see whats coming:





New Developments (2011-3-23)



You may have noticed in a previous call for beta testers a video regarding the "Pave Tack"; I need say no more, here's the latest:




Merging of two


I'm working with NZDF Crash at the moment on integrating some weaponry I've worked on* with the current vast armory for this craft alone. (A nice layout picture would look nice right about now, but you can get an idea from this)


*(AGM-142 Raptor / Popeye, GBU-10, CBU-103 WCMD, MK20 Rockeye, etc)


So far there's an enormous bank of weaponry available and have reviewed them so far. Its been mentioned that I'd like to make this ACE and ACE ESA compatible as possible and we will do what we can preemptively to address this.

Note: Details on ESA and its requirements to see weapons loadouts (cfgWeapons, cfgMagazine) by default or easily will help us not loose time in working on this, let alone focus. So help is welcome in this regard.


Testing & Roadmap


So far the Testing we've done is preliminary and that's been some great help.


I'll post individually when there's Beta testing




Well were looking at getting a package that is Public beta worthy in the next couple weeks.


I'm sorry that I left some of you hanging when I announced a while back about my involvement on my own F111 project. I dropped the project due the current version of the plane (which is fun and very stable) and Real Life got super busy!


I wish I had more static dates but as this is a "hobby project" I can only commit so much of others involvement and my time as well. So far working on this project there's 3 people (for addons and modeling it takes alot more then mission building which in itself is a black hole in respects to time).


Currently Nuxil (TVS - TV Guided Weapons; Pave Tack Optics); NZDF Crash (ANZAC mod as a whole, F111 modeling and detailing); and Myself (Conceptualizing, CBU's Configuration tweaking for some realism, integration of systems, Modeling, PR) are working on this plane in particular.

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Thanks Z!


I'll see if we can recreate this in game when all weapons are prepared as this is exactly what I had in mind ;)

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New latest preview of the "Wizzo" (WSO -Weapon System Officer*) camera:




So, what is a WSO and what does he do?


There's an old story about that one. Seems the first F-4 WSO to be shot down by the North Vietnamese is being interrogated. "You F-4 pilot, yes?" asks the NVA officer. "No, I'm an F-4 WSO," he says. "Never heard of 'WSO' -- what means 'WSO'?" "Well," says the WSO, "I do all the preflight mission planning, select the weapons for the assigned target and choose the best delivery tactic, tell the pilot when to take off and where to fly, operate all the navigation/communication and electronic countermeasures equipment, identify the target and point it out to the pilot, release the weapons, tell the pilot where to find the tanker and how much fuel to take, show him how to get home, and write all the post-mission reports." "Ah, so," says the interrogator, "you what they call 'Aircraft Commander'!"
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Been absent for sometime due to changes in life (married, with new place etc), so this project has been on and off.


Not to mention the wife is less tolerant of video games etc...but she's getting used to the idea.


Anyhow we have an update of a new model that has been tweaked for ArmA 2 and using its "configurations" for various animations etc.


Its been a large task especially from NZDF Crash. A larger part of the delay was recovering files and getting the recovered files to the state before PC crash (he lost some 24hrs total worth of work ).


Anyhow no screenshots as every time he has a release for me to work on (I'm doing armament and Q/A work), its delayed due to some new addition or figuring out some scripting error or animation error.


If you can imagine a model of it's size and the complications of animations, there bound to be a few errors in the development process.


Well just a minor update. Were looking forward to implementing this in for ArmA 3 once the development tools are released and get it migrated over.


Cluster Bombs-


Also with the fact of cluster bombs being implemented into ArmA 3, the transitioning of my bombs should be easy as well.


From what I've found BIS is using "future" classed bomb carriers, so this opens up the ability to use my "present" models in place but use existing functions.

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Screenshots of latest model. Not much to look at but its flying! Some small animations to sort out and Cockpit needs remodel for a bit more accuracy but she's almost done! Model from scratch and everything. If only you knew what it takes besides doing one single model of a plane....imagine 10 different models in one "MLOD" then there animation config skeleton, config for armament, configs this that or another....Fun stuff when it comes together. Props to NXDF Crash for putting the final touches on her and a very good job in tweaking the model and RVMAT's!







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