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For our new guests: Welcome to SPARTA

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Dear Guests,


Welcome to the Legion of Sparta. As I'm sure you can imagine, the exposure that we have received from the article on PC Gamer's website has generated a higher volume of traffic than we are accustomed to dealing with, particularly from those of you interested in participating in the tactical style of play that was showcased in the videos.


Before going any further, we ask that you read our Forum Rules & Guidelines at the following link:




In order to facilitate tactical gameplay sessions for our new members and guests, we ask that you first give us the opportunity to get to know you (and for you to get to know us) by conversing with us using TeamSpeak 3. As we are a group of mature gamers, we do require that you be at least 18 years of age to make use of our TeamSpeak server. In regards to this rule, I'm afraid we cannot make any exceptions.


Our TeamSpeak server address is: port 9987


You will need to speak with one on the members (someone with the ~SPARTA~ tag) before your account for our forums will be validated. We ask that you use the same username in our forums and on TeamSpeak to avoid any confusion. Any of the TeamSpeak subchannels under the Open Chat/Social Channels/Chill channel are a good place to speak to us.


At Legion of Sparta, we are about community and friendship first; we are not a "clan". The games, and the manner in which we play them, come second.

Unlike many groups that focus primarily on a single game, or a particular game genre, you will find that the members and guests of Sparta have a wide variety of interests.


Thank you for your interest in our little corner of the gaming world, and we look forward to speaking and gaming with you.

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