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Zeno's New Monster PC


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I will be building a new PC for my apartment in Switzerland. These are the components on order.


Zalman Fatal1ty Case

IPB Image



Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6850 - 3.00GHz

2GB OCZ Reaper HPC ram


Western Digital Raptor X (16MB) [WD1500AHFD] SATA150 150GB - 10000

2xSeagate Barracudas 750Gb

Tt850 watt Toughpower PSU 14cm fan

G15 keyboard

MX518 mouse

Asus Striker Extreme nVidia nForce680i motherboard

22" Samsung SyncMaster 2ms DC 3000:1

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Nice internals .... Soz ... not crazy about the box, Sleek and functional lines without the bling factor is more suited to my old age ... Looking at that makes me feel like being in a disco.


On another note that you have yet to mention .... Sound ... Since you like quality check out the offering from Auzentech (Prelude 7.1) sound card and hook it up to a decent stereo in optic to a preamp with hometheartre speaker system. The logitech Z5500's are nice ... but only computer speakers, Going the other way your music and dvd replay will be far more enjoyable as well and you can pick up very nice HT systems with optic in for great prices nowdays that will kill any computer speaker system.


(Myself ... Auzentech X-Plosion card to a Kenwood pre and main amps on to JBL and Infinity speakers... Music brillient, games duno use Audigy 2 external and Logitech Z680 speakers and music reproduction is crap compared to the Auzen card.)

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