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Crysis Dedicated Server How To's


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This is for win32 system ONLY.


So. First thing, is to upload the installed game files to your server. Doesnt matter what folder this is, just make sure they are all present. You may have to also upload the \my games\crysis folder as well to the c:\my documents folder on your windows server.


Alternative - if you did the direct download method, or have physical access to your dedicated server, just run the install. Much easier and faster than having to upload all that data.


Next, find the crysisdedicatedserver.exe in the \bin32 folder. Create a shortcut for it. Then, in the properties for that shortcut, find the command line, and add your server variables to it.


Example - c:\games\crysis\crysisdedicatedserver.exe +sv_maxplayers 32 +sv_map beach +sv_servername "my server name here" +map


If you want a listing of every single cvar and command for the game (client and server), go here - http://www.hardfought.org/files/crysis_cmds.txt


That should get you started. If you're familiar with FireDaemon, I suggest using it to kick this off as a service; it works fine.




1) rcon does exist, however I found no command to set an rcon password.


2) the reason the command line ends in +map - using +sv_map, you tell the server what map to load, but it wont kick it off unless you force it to load for play. This was the only way I could find currently to do this unattended.


3) Typing 'status' the console window will tell you how many players are on, what map is loaded, if FF is on or off, etc. However, it can and will crash your server if it's full. If you type 'status' and nothing comes up, your server isn't fully ready yet - you NEED to get info sent back in the console to ensure it's up and ready for play.


4) As of this post, I don't know how to get Punk Buster enabled, nor how to switch the server from dx9 to dx10 mode. If anyone can figure this out before me, please post it to this thread.


5) The dedicated server file is multi-threaded! It can and will utilize multiple CPU's/cores on your server.


6) the +exec command also works in the command line, however I couldnt get it to load any files I specificied, no matter where I put them.


I'll add to this as I learn more. If there's anything else you all come up with or discover, by all means, please post it here.


Hope this helps some of ya out.


NOTE - do NOT use the 'status' command in the server console window with players logged into the server playing, as it WILL crash the server. You can only use it safely when it's empty.


Found another great thread on server administration over at the CryMod forums - http://www.crymod.com/thread.php?postid=80460


Shows ya how to enable PB and how to go from dx9 to dx10 mode, among other things.


Hope this helps

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