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First of all, Dr. No, make sure you have your computer plugged in.


Step 2: Make sure you have your monitor plugged in.


Step 3: Make sure your monitor is turned on.


Step 4: If your computer is turned on, and your monitor is turned on, and you're getting a blank screen....I'm sorry, we can't help you at this time.




No really, are ou running it as "administrator?"

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HI Bud


I am running it in vista


When you first launch the game it identifies the graphics card and updates a file called




in \Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\settings


If the game doesnt initialize these settings it cannot launch the game properly


What does your file have in it (you can open it with wordpad or notepad


Here are my settings from that file


adapter = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra"

driver = "nvd3dum.dll"

resolution = "1680 1050"

windowed = "false"

refresh_rate = "60"





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I am sorryv to hear about this problem and I do understand your frustration.


However I suggest u to search the culprit of your issue outside the game. I am actively playing GRAW 2 with an online group and I never heard about this issue.


70% of my teammates are running Vista and Nvidia cards of any kind, from your model above. No one reported similar isssue

I am running on Win 7 myself, never had an issue.


Definetely u have to be sure u r running as Admin. Also it may make a difference if u are using an Admin accont better than a "lower rights" account, but other than that tis game never gave that issue under Vista.

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Uninstall and reinstall. I know its a drag, but you might have gotten some coruption of some type. It is worth it to find out. Also, make sure you dont have anything superfluous running when you do. Also, make sure you turn the sidebar thing off when you run any games. It can be a resource hog.


Maybe I will help you fi your computer.

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