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Helicopter insertion - How To:

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Hello this is the code for a helicopter insertion:


function onMissionStart()


OFP:isAllMounted("Echelon", true)

OFP:move("pilot", "waypointp", "ADDTOFRONT")


function onArriveAtWaypoint_seahawk_waypointI2(entityName, waypointName)

OFP:land("seahawk", "ADDTOFRONT")


function onLand_seahawk(helicopterName)

OFP:dismountVehicle("weng", "OVERRIDE")---this is your other teammates

OFP:dismountVehicle("verwayne", "OVERRIDE")--this is your other teammates


function onDismount_seahawk_player1_Player(vehicleName, UnitName, echelonName)

OFP:isAllMounted("Echelon", false)

OFP:addTimer("timer1", 5000)



function onTimer_timer1(name)

OFP:move("pilot", "waypointI3p", "ADDTOFRONT")




Create a chopper, add pilot, gunner etc... name it "seahawk"

Create an echelon for your chopper = Echelon

create your team name your team Player

Your player = player1


Create a series of waypoints make sure to add chopper height for how high you want the chopper to fly.


Say at waypointI2 you want the chopper to land. This is your final waypoint in this series.


Create a new series of waypoints for your chopper to take off and go to. this is waypointI3p. (the p after waypointI3 indicates a path or more than one waypoint)




Hope this helps...



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