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Setting up a GRAW2 Brettzies mod server

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The Brettzies mod comprises of


bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.bundle - which goes into the mod folder

bp_weapons_pack_v2.05 (folder) - which goes into the local folder (not used for a dedicated server)

context_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml - Not used for a dedicated Server

bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.bat - which goes into the game root but needs modification for a dedicated server


You need to find your context-standalone.xml file in the game root


make a copy of it and rename the copy context-standalone_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml


open context-standalone_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml with wordpad


The first few lines should look like this


<script base="data" exec="level/dedicated" editor="false" language="English"/>



add this line



as indicated below


<script base="data" exec="level/dedicated" editor="false" language="English"/>


Next, bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.bat contains the following command


"graw2.exe -o context_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml"


open the bat file by right clicking on it and selecting edit


then change the line to that indicated below


"graw2_dedicated.exe -o context-standalone_bp_weapons_pack_v2.05.xml"


Now when you launch the .bat file it will launch the modded standalone context file which will in turn refer to the mod in the mod folder.


I did it differently and set up a seperate instance and modified the context-standalone.xml to refer to the mod so I dont need to use the .bat file but unless you want to run multiple instances the technique I have described should work.


If you need any further clarification dont hesitate to ask




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