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Flash sig Sparta link on BDA's front page?


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In the spirit of goodwill I would recomend that we focus on the positives and move beyond the emotions of recent days/weeks.


I repeat, BDA is welcome to play on our server and chat on our TS, doing so is not disloyal, we all have friends on both sides and my friends are welcome no matter what tags they wear. I am sure, if we have TS troubles we will be made as welcome on your TS as we made you on ours.


Once we get established, you will learn the benefits of having two different groups that have a kindred spirit, particularly when we start scrimming, dogfighting and racing with each other(Which I know will happen in the not to distant future).


I am sure that all this breast beating and sabre rattling will calm down soon and the doors will be open on both side sides to all members, no matter what has been said in the heat of the moment and without all the facts to hand.


With Scorp at the helm I know we wont have to wait long.



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Well said Zeno... both times


I suggest that all further communications on this matter be done on TS.

It is too easy for posting to give wrong signals.

Explanations or comments that could be expressed in 30 sec on TS might

take a whole page on the forum.


Again lets all Please talk on TS for any further discussions or comments on this thread.



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Looks like this post is where the parties at!!! :lol:


I just wanted to chime in with my first post and let all the Sparta guys (and girls) know that it was a pleasure getting to know and game with ALL of u during the time in BDA. We are all gamers and comrades. Hopefully soon, we can put all this behind us and support one anothers clans.

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Quoted from Wax, "Well, pro soldier, postal, majestic, viiiper can never come back and that is not my doing."




I, ProSoldier, have not had any bad blood with BDA and only came over to SPARTA because many of my friends did. I don't listen to the stories of what happened before and I don't care. I like gaming and don't like politics. No time for it among real soldiers.


...and yet, I am the first one listed by Wax as never being allowed back? When last I was on BDA's TS server, Breeze and I talked because he wanted to know what troubled me enough to leave and told him NOTHING. He hadn't hurt my feelings, or done anything to me. In fact, BDA has always been very professional and the BDA admins have been my friends for almost a year. When I heard someone had sent a nasty gram to Scorp, I spoke out against it in what I believe to be a reasonably good post. You're welcome to see it Wax.


I am sorry you list me as Persona non Gratis in your list.


All my BDA friends are still my friends and I don't understand (nor want to) the rift that caused the split in the clan. Somedays, we're all a bunch of bitchy little internet geeks who behave like little girls. That's okay. Let's play!


Frankly Wax, I'm sitting here stupified that you've cursed me into the abyss for eternity when we've never, ever had a cross word. Even now, I'm not angry, just a bit hurt and hope i've misinterpreted your meaning.


Regardless, things happen quickly in the internet, and I find it hard to stay angry at people I've never met in person. So as far as I'm concerned, I'll see you all on the "virtual" field of battle and I wish you all the most fun possible in the game! Banned or not, no one defines me but myself! And I am a good sport and a Professional Soldier.


I hope we are not giving life and energy to something that doesn't deserve it. Instead, I suggest we scrim. What do you think?




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Pro Soildier

You are most certainly welcome in our server ans TS.....I think possible your name got slipped into the sentence. There is a lot going on AT THE BDA in the last few days. Please feel free to join us in game or ts....this goes for all spartan's. Soon enoghf we will all be gaming and complaining about Arch or Rob killing us like old times. Love ya....Miss ya



PS...if any needs to reach me ever im on X-Fire when ever my comp is on.

add by name danschillin

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