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Who actually bought Quakewars ET ?


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ETQW is shipping in Oz now :P ($75 AU)


Ordered it will be here in a couple of days .... This suits my Sci Fi indulgence.


Anyway here is a link you all might find useful to help you get more understanding from the game.


Here > http://4newbies.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/ETQW/


Also a tweak guide has been compiled now over at Tweakguides.


Last but not least i read about Dedicated (Game purchase not required) unranked server hosting for this game ... buggered if i can find where you d/l the files.


I can see a rail gun hitting your melon regular also Thompson.


Ok ... L8R

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Hi guys. I've got ET:QW and am not all that blown away by it.


I've only played single player for about an hour but it seems very arcade like. Motions are to unrealistic. Characters can jump 5 feet straight up while in mid stride running. Enemy run and juke faster and more jerky than ArchD3v1l!


I tried to get on multiplayer but the interface was crap. The server list was unreadable with dozens of updates/second as it kept re-ordering the list. Then it froze before I could join a server. After the third time of that I gave up.


I may run it again. Not sure.

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