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Having fun with Cities Skylines


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Having really enjoyed Transport Fever 2 I thought I would give Cities Skylines a bash.


I am not especially good at this but I watched a few videos and this is what I have so far. The brown polluted areas are industrial.


I had to buy a few DLCs to eliminate water pollution and have the types of districts I wanted. Using the standard traffic model there are no jams and everything is smooth flowing, however the standard game despawns 25% of the vehicles which is easier. If I turn this feature off the roads get clogged up in minutes.


I have a few bus, metro and train lines to help traffic and I have added a few cycle routes (DLC required)


Currently I am working my way through the Death Wave. Apparantly every citizen arrives at the age 0 and all die at the same age. because the buildings are created around the same time, everyone dies around the same time too. Hence the Death Wave. Unrecovered bodies will result in more death and departures.I have built more crematoria and hope to power through Wave.





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