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To make it short we will have our first Crysis Multiplayer Beta patch ready for you guys tonight! :) You will receive an email with all necessary information quite soon.


Instead of releasing a patch update to all of you we have decided to send out a whole new version.


This has various reasons and is the easiest way to have an updated game version available for the second batch of keys that is going to be sent out quite soon. Further below you can see the list of bug fixes and optimizations that are included.


Patch #1 change log:


- Adjusted automatic graphic cards recognition.

- Fixed: Ingame settings show up correct selections.

- Fixed: Online access blocked by selecting auto login and remember password in online account info settings, then signing out while on the main menu.

- Fixed: Emitters that were hidden before deactivating were never removed.

- Fixed: "Weapon killed by" icon for the MOAC is an incorrect weapon icon.

- Fixed: If player exits a vehicle while it is moving up or down a hill or is in the air, player will sometimes lose collision with the map.

- Fixed: Inconsistent amounts of damage from vehicle-vehicle collisions (stops them exploding quite so easily).

- Fixed: Server graphical settings carry over through the game and set themselves on all clients' computers, irregardless of the settings each client has set for themselves.

- Fixed: Graphical settings carry over through the game and set themselves on all clients' computers, irregardless of the settings each client has set for themselves.

- Asynchronous shader compiling defaulted to 1

Explanation: We implemented an incomplete shader cache to figure out where the shader compilation issues are appearing the most. This way we can address them and fix them, but for that we would require your support. When joining a game for the first time you will encounter uncompiled shaders to appear as yellow replace-me textures. In addition to that you see a small teapot in the left upper corner of your screen. This symbol shows that shaders are currently compiling.


Usually the yellow replace-me textures should go away after playing an intensive session with lots of action going on. In the case you encounter continuous framerate drops and still compiling shaders after playing up to two full matches in a row please report a bug and use the bug tracker we provide:


http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/crysi.../bugsubmit.aspx .


Uninstall the game

Before you start with the VIP sign-up process again please completely uninstall the game from your hard drive. Also delete the Crysis_MP_DEMO profile folder which can be found here:


C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\My Games\


It is important that you do follow these instructions to not encounter any major issues when installing the new Crysis Beta client version.



Crysis Beta Support E-Mail: betasupport@crytek.de

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