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Yes I see, but there is a free fire mode as well.

I managed to shoot the gun, both fixed and using the eyepiece. I killed a few petrol tankers, but the coordination between my head and the chopper is so poor that the shells are snaking around all over before a random shot hits (because they are petrol tankers one hit is enough).


What I was missing there was the trigger guard. I had everything correctly set up but nothing happened when I pulled trigger. Eventually I caught it in a Casmo video. I had actually mapped the button but forgot, it's on the stream deck now on the initial page as a toggle, so it is out of the way right away!


This was a very helpful video, I reckon I can get the hellfires away now. I will try later.


It's weird, I can  fly and navigate pretty tidily, but adding the fighting overloads the noggin. I imagine practice will address this.

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