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A couple of you may know that since working at a metal engineering manufacturers I have become interested in learning to use a metalwork lathe, I am lucky that my cousin lives next door has a half decent lathe and when covid has died down a bit has promised me some lessons, he was trained at the RN dockyard chatham.

The video channel linked is doing the kind of thing I am interested in, he has only made 3 videos so far, because they are short and game related I thought some of you may be interested.

If you didn't know you can use a lathe to do the jobs he is using a mill for.



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I didn't even know that the pointy bits at the bottom of the digital calipers are for scribing a mark on work until I watched one of these videos and I have been working in an engineering environment for a few years now!

I also didn't know any of the terminology for the parts of a lathe, I do now because I have just watched a guide.

All of these abilities can be learnt, however another real problem has presented itself my want list for machinery has grown. If I ever get to retire my workshop is going to need to be as big as my house!


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With the way things are going there are going to be even more factories for sale over here, we are having more and more fabrication work outsourced to India.

Unfortunately I cannot afford a factory sitting on 5 acres 🤣

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