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As an Org is still unable to have it's own hanger/storage to share ships/inventory the following will be provided to assist new Citizens with delivery missions and mercenary FPS missions on request at Everest Harbour above Lorville.

Heavy armour sets (without undersuit as the free undersuit is as good as any in the game)

P4-AR Rifles (other weapons are available but not with ammuntion)

Funds to purchase a C8X Pisces Expedition ship to aid with delivery/mercenary missions

Morozov-CH Backpack Aftershock containing the following
Tau Plus (4x Telescopic)
P4-AR Ammo x30
MedPen (Hemozal) x10
ParaMed Medical Device x3
ParaMed Refill x10
Pyro RYT Multi-Tool x3
TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment x3
Pink Quickflare x5



link to same post on Spectrum

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