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Operation Melt My Graphics Card


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A North Vietnamese storage area, a peaceful evening?




Not too far away


8 A4 Skyhawks with 96 Mk82s

4 A6 Intruders with 72 Mk82s




6 AH1 Cobras




12 M109 Paladins




4 F5 Tigers with 36 Mk82s




6 F4E Phantoms with 72 Mk20 Cluster bombs




4 F105 Thunderchiefs with 88 Mk82s




Unleash hell!










Mk 20 Cluster munitions










The Aftermath




The AH1s need more training, all but one were shot down by ZU23s




Endless entertainment and I didn't even fly a plane!

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It does look a lot like Chernarus, which makes sense since Chernarus was a fictitious soviet country and this DCS scenario is on the Caucasus map near the town of Krasnodar, southern Russia. Unfortunately there is no Vietnam map is DCS, so I made do, although there are rumours of Vietnam map in the future. Most of the aircraft take off from Krasnodar Airport. The "North Vietnamese" facility is in the town of Belyaevskii, east of Krasnador and the Kuban River. The Carrier USS Forrestal (CV59) is located in the Black sea south of Krasnodar. 


I could recreate this in ArmA 3 and actually I could do a much better job with the ground units (which are terrible in DCS). The difference is the aircraft and the flight models. Unless things have changed the flight models in Arma are awful. In this scenarios I can fly any of the planes and two of them are full fidelity (the F5 and the A4). With that said I may have a go at it in Arma just to refresh my knowledge of the editor.


Surprisingly watching the scenario play out was quite smooth, I am going to reduce the number of cluster bombs dropped because they are mostly ineffective against targets currently on the map and they are terrible for frame rates after they have been dropped. I will swap them for Mk82 500lb bombs.


I feel I let the game down a bit by not taking into account the lighting, the colours all look washed out, I will change the time of day and year to make it look better. I have been messing around with this for about a year on and off to refine my editor skills, so for me it is a never ending project. Still to come, F14 CAP, North Vietnamese aircraft, Iowa class battleship (I just need to check the range to see if her 16 inch guns can reach the target), better path for the AH1's that are getting blind sided by ZU23's and possibly some AH6's.

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